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"Gay Day" at Six Flags New England -- it's about making kids comfortable with homosexuality, says gay newspaper

As usual, it's even worse than we predicted

POSTED: October 17, 2010

Last month we did an expose on the upcoming "Gay Day" at the Six Flags New England amusement park. It was to be a day where homosexual and transgender activists descended over the park and took it over for their own activities. We described what had happened in previous years, and showed some fairly disturbing photos.

A great example for kids. These two men posed for a photo at last year's "Gay Day" at Six Flags New England.

Our observation was that their obsession with children's activities is a disturbing part of that lifestyle. The homosexual movement's fanatical push to get into the public schools (including elementary schools) and have special kids' events such as "Youth Pride Day" and a kids' "Transgender Prom" , as well as parades and other dress-up events, is just a part of it.

It turns out that one of the "highlights" of Gay Day is that they bring children into the park also.

The homosexual newspaper Bay Windows sent one of their editors to the event. Here's what he wrote in his article:

But once again something struck me as remarkable: the presence of so many children who seemed so happy to be surrounded by so many LGBT adults who not only seemed quite adept at having fun themselves in large numbers (without a police officer or drunken fistfight in sight), but who also seemed so ready to shower on kids the kind of attention that makes kids feel special in ways that kids need to feel as much as possible.

Everywhere you looked there was some LGBT adult interacting with children in the most harmless and loving ways you can imagine: taking them on rides, buying them treats, taking a real and completely innocent interest in them and whether they were having enough fun.

In the same article he uses the disgusting tactic of trying to defend their "good" obsession with children by using the unfortunate situations that have happened in some churches:

Compare this to a Sept. 10 news report in the Telegraph of London which stated that an official commission report released about sexual abuse in the Belgian Catholic Church noted, "We can say that [not a single parish in the entire country] escapes sexual abuse of minors by one or several of its members."

. . . Just this week it was alleged that the chief preacher at one of Atlanta's largest protestant mega-churches -- a man as anti-gay as they come -- has also been abusing children in his "flock.

The list of abuses by God-fearing men and women in fundamentalist and Catholic churches seems as endless as it is heartbreaking.

Read the entire article HERE.

The homosexual / transgender propaganda machine continues. It's heartbreaking and terrifying. Good people need to stand up to it.