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MassResistance addresses Plymouth Rock Tea Party

Warns of push to purge Tea Parties of "social" issues.
(See VIDEO below)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This past Tuesday evening Brian Camenker of MassResistance addressed the Plymouth Rock Tea Party in Pembroke. Also making speeches were several well-known politicians and candidates.

Two days earlier, on Sunday, a Tea Party on the Lexington Battle Green was shut down by "fiscal-only" Republicans who were upset that "social issues" would be discussed if Brian Camenker of MassResistance were present.

Almost immediately after that, a member of the Plymouth Rock Tea Party (which has recently merged with the Cape and Islands group) contacted Camenker and said, "We heard what happened. Come on down and speak at our event on Tuesday."

It was a great evening and the Plymouth Rock Tea Party people are among the best!  Apparently, the RINO Republicans weren't able to persuade the Plymouth Rock Tea Party or the candidates to stay away!

Camenker with State Rep. and Congressional candidate Jeffrey Perry (right) and Republican AG candidate Jim McKenna (far left).

State Rep. Daniel Webster (left) also came and addressed the event.

Camenker, who has spoken at Tea Parties in Massachusetts from South Boston to Springfield, reiterated that moral decisions and fiscal decisions are intertwined, and can't really be separated, as the Founding Fathers implored us.

VIDEO: Camenker of MassResistance
addresses Plymouth Rock Tea Party.

Becoming a national Tea Party fight

The "fiscal versus social and moral" battle with RINO Republicans is not just happening in Massachusetts, but across the country. See this article by Joseph Farah:

          WorldNetDaily: "Who is trying to destroy the Tea Party?"

The Lexington situation with MassResistance caught a lot of attention. On Tuesday, Camenker was interviewed on the American Family Association's "Focal Point" radio show, broadcast on their national 240-station network. To say the least, the hosts were outraged that this would happen.

Unrepentant about Lexington event

As we've reported, last Sunday the Tea Party scheduled for the Lexington Battle Green was cancelled due to efforts by the RINO Republican establishment. The two main people involved have continued to defend their actions.

Republican activist Christen Varley admitted in multiple emails that she called the prominent speakers to persuade them not to attend the event if Camenker were there, because "the Tea Party has nothing to do with social issues" and that Camenker would "attract negative attention" to the event. Varley works for Massachusetts Family Institute's Coalition for Marriage and Family which consults to politicians. She is also president of the Greater Boston Tea Party -- not officially connected with most of the others -- and has strong ties to the Massachusetts Republican Party establishment.

WRKO Radio talk show host Todd Feinburg, who specifically said he would not attend if Camenker were there, told people, "My concern is that events that bear the Tea Party name be focused on the tea party priorities of free markets, limited government, and fiscal responsibility." Not surprisingly, most Tea Party organizers insist on defining their own Tea Party "priorities". (Of course, Camenker's message about the millions of taxpayer dollars going to homosexual programs in the schools is unquestionably a "fiscal" issue, and the concomitant outrageous violation of parental rights is clearly an example of unlimited government! But Feinburg chooses to ignore those points.) 

Bumper sticker on back window of truck at Plymouth Tea Party!