Pro-family activism that makes a difference!

State-wide Tea Party at historic Fort Independence in S. Boston next Sunday Aug. 22. Great speakers!

Reaction to those who would divide movement
and intimidate speaking out

POSTED: Aug 12, 2010

Second American Revolution: We are NOT intimidated; we are NOT backing down.

On Sunday afternoon, Aug. 22, the South Boston Tea Party is sponsoring a state-wide Tea Party in historic Fort Independence on South Boston's Castle Island peninsula.

As you know, last month's Lexington Tea Party was forced to be cancelled by "moderate" Republicans not connected to the event who intimidated the speakers because they objected to the fact that social and moral issues might be brought up, rather than just fiscal issues. They wanted to make sure Tea Partiers behaved ourselves and wouldn't upset or incite the left too much.

The South Boston Tea Party leadership was outraged at that and immediately began organizing this event. South Boston Tea Party president Susan Long invites everyone to come and make a statement: If Tea Partiers upset the Left and the political establishment, well -- so be it.

Come to a Tea Party unafraid to stand up and fight back!

To talk only about "fiscal issues" or "constitutional issues" completely misses the point and waters down the message. It's not simply bad fiscal policy. We are fighting a tyrannically corrupt moral (and spiritual) socialist worldview in America which is antithetical to everything the Founding Fathers laid out. We need to understand what's happening, be willing to confront it, and be completely unwilling to be intimidated or frightened by the mainstream media, the politicians (including the moderate RINO establishment) orspecial interests whose utopian goals know no bounds.

Keynote speaker: Don Feder. Don Feder is widely considered the most powerful conservative public speaker in Massachusetts. He was the first Executive Director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, columnist for the Boston Herald for 16 years, and is now a writer, lecturer, and pro-family leader who works with politicians and leaders across the country and around the world. Don understands the counter-revolution as few people in Massachusetts do.

Special Featured Speakers:

Tea Party leaders from Tea Party organizations across Massachusetts. (This will definitely be inspiring!)

Also remarks from Brian Camenker of MassResistance.

Historical location with ties to original Tea Party

About Fort Independence on South Boston's Castle Island peninsula: The first fort on Castle Island (originally an island in Boston Harbor) was built in 1634 to defend Boston by sea, and over the years was rebuilt and enlarged several times. Following the Stamp Act in 1765 the British stored supplies of stamps there for safety. After the Boston Tea Party, Loyalists who were importing tea sought refuge there. During the Revolutionary War the British used it as a main base of military operations until they evacuated Boston on March 17, 1776. The fort was then re-fortified by troops under Lt. Col. Paul Revere. It was officially named Ft. Independence by President John Adams in 1799, and served to protect Boston from British attack in the War of 1812. The island was connected to the mainland by a bridge in 1892, which was later filled in during the 1930s.

The Castle Island Society will be supporting the Tea Party event by displaying flags from the various wars. The Tea Party will be just outside the fort.

DO NOT MISS THIS!!! Fort Independence is an inspiring place. Bring your family. Bring lawn chairs. Bring your enthusiasm!!

DATE: Sunday afternoon, August 22
TIME: Noon to 3 pm
PLACE: Inside historic Fort Independence, Castle Island peninsula, South Boston
SPONSORED BY: South Boston Tea Party

Let the counter-revolution begin . . .

CONGRESS: Trillions in pork-barrel stimulus for our kids to pay for • Obamacare takeover of health industry • takeover of auto industry • takeover of financial industry • open borders • thousand-page bills nobody reads before voting on • corrupt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac • unaccountable Marxist czars for everything • government interference in personal lives and decisions • federally-funded abortions • intrusive personal searches • and much more

MASSACHUSETTS: Oppressive 25% sales tax increase • Alcohol tax increase • Multiple toll increases • Law to ignore Electoral College in US Constitution • Buffer zone law • Phony "informal" legislative sessions making laws • Tax-funded gay programs in schools • Ignoring people's vote to lower income tax to 5% • Transgender Rights bill • Gay "marriage" • Treating gun owners like criminals • Activist judges ignoring Constitution • Legal discrimination against fathers in divorce cases • And much more

Outside Fort Independence