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Homosexual flier given to kids through Mass. GLBT Youth Commission

Here's what homosexual activists have been giving to your children -- using tax dollars appropriated by the Massachusetts Legislature! (see below)

POSTED: July 8, 2010


The pamphlet (shown BELOW) is given out by BAGLY ("Boston Alliance for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth"). BAGLY is part of the Mass. Commission for GLBT Youth. (You can download a copy below) It was originally given out at the Commission's "Youth Pride" event in 2007 through BAGLY's "HEARRT" group. According to BAGLY's website, that same group was giving out materials to kids this year at BAGLY's homosexual/transgender "prom" on May 8.

BAGLY is a hard-core homosexual/transgender activist group that not only goes into the public schools, but entices schoolchildren as young as middle-school age to attend off-campus homosexual and transgender activities across the state. Many of these events are with bizarre adults, such as men wearing women's clothes, middle-aged men involved with sado-masochism, etc. This is not conjecture.

Is this what you want homosexual activists giving your children?

To anyone who has been observing the homosexual movement targeting children in the schools, it is no secret that they want to make young children feel comfortable engaging in homosexual sex acts, both with each other and with older adults.

Sample advice: "Just before penetration, more lube should be applied to the penis of the inserter or "top". When having sex, the insertive partner should make sure his penis stays in the Reality Condom and doesn't go between the condom and anus."


Download a copy of this flier HERE.  Show your friends what the Legislature is doing to children with our money.

Is this the message -- and the materials -- that parents want given to their kids? And why is our tax money helping pay for it?  The arrogant politicians who fund this refuse to talk about it. It's time we got some answers.