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Sen. Scott Brown invites hardcore Mass. homosexual activist to "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal signing ceremony in D.C.

Unbelievable insult to former pro-family supporters

POSTED: Dec 31, 2010

Sen. Scott Brown has done many things recently to publicly show his distain for the pro-family people who supported him. But this is probably the most personally offensive.

As the Boston Herald reported this week, Brown went out of his way to contact hardcore anti-family homosexual activist Tom Lang and give him (and his "husband") a personal invitation to the Obama's signing ceremony in Washington D.C. of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal.  Lang had been part of the homosexual lobby's huge 10-month effort to persuade Brown to abandon his position against the repeal, and switch to supporting it. Brown apparently decided to reward him for his success.

Special day in D.C. for 'don't ask' activist
By Jessica Fargen and Laura Crimaldi
Boston Herald
Sunday, December 26, 2010

Call it a bipartisan marriage.

Tom Lang, a gay activist and independent from Manchester-by-the-Sea, received his invitation to Wednesday's signing of the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" from none other than Republican Sen. Scott Brown.

Lang, an antiques dealer, riled conservatives in 2005 when he started, where he published the names of people who signed a petition to ban gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Lang, who took his husband to the event, lobbied Brown to vote to repeal "don't ask, don't tell," repeatedly calling his staff to ask him to vote against it. All that hard work paid off. Brown's office called him Tuesday with two invitations to the signing, he said. Lang said he was impressed with Brown's thoughtful deliberation.

"We're dealing with a statesman here, not a puppet. I respect the man," Lang said.

A Brown spokeswoman said Lang asked for help, "so our staff reached out to the White House to see if he could attend."

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A horrible anti-family homosexual activist

Lang is arguably the most vicious anti-family homosexual activist in Massachusetts.

Back in 2005 over 170,000 people signed petitions to get the Marriage Amendment on the ballot in Massachusetts. Soon afterwards Tom Lang and his "husband" Alex Westerhoff set up a website called KnowThyNeighbor. There they posted the names and addresses of all the signers and invited people to contact them and confront them. (They've also taken it nationwide, and have led similar efforts in Arkansas, Florida, Oregon, and Washington.)

As a result, many people who signed the marriage petition were harassed at their homes and at work. People were threatened with loss of jobs. They were shunned at local gatherings. Some were attacked in newspaper articles. It was an act of intimidation on a huge scale, and was traumatic for all of us. Many people have now refuse to sign pro-family petitions at all because of this.

Since then, Lang and Westerhoff (who are "married") have continued their reign of anti-family terror. Their activities include:

If this is Brown's idea of being a "Scott Brown Republican" he really doesn't get it. The symbolism of this and the pain this causes Lang's victims makes it clear what Scott Brown thinks of us now.