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Mass. (RINO) Republicans praising Scott Brown for being "politically smart"

Voting like a liberal -- the opposite of what got him elected!

POSTED: Dec. 31, 2010

Last January Scott Brown was elected to the US Senate from Massachusetts on basically one issue: He promised the people of the state that he would be "the 41st vote" required to stop Obama's radical agenda in America.

Brown's campaign rhetoric included stopping not only Obamacare and additional massive bailout bills, but he also took a public position that he'd oppose repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and other radical culture-war issues on the Obama train. In his campaign he also opposed the general sleazy tactics Congress was using to push their leftist agenda through. (Such as today's lame duck sessions?)

Brown campaigned almost exclusively as "Number 41" -- the exact number needed to maintain a Republican filibuster. That was the magic number, since at that time the Republicans only had 40 votes and couldn't do it without him. If Brown would have been "Number 40" or "Number 42", there would have been virtually no interest in his candidacy. He would not have raised the money he did, nor get the enthusiastic support he had. His "Scott Brown Republican" ideas would have gotten him nowhere.

But you wouldn't know that today.

Soon after Brown's momentous election, a type of collective amnesia set in. Brown and his Romney consultants came to the absurd decision that the only way Brown could get re-elected was to do the opposite of what got him elected in the first place. Thus, he has abandoned his campaign positions and the people who worked hard to elect him, and has voted instead to support much of Obama's radical agenda. And he did through cooperating with the Democrats' sleazy lame-duck session so they could push their final radical bills before the newly elected Republicans could take office in January.

Naturally, the liberal press has been celebrating Brown's "growth" in office. But now even the Massachusetts Republican establishment has started drinking that Kool-Aid. Here's an example:

Holly Robichaud is a longtime political consultant and Massachusetts Republican Party insider who regularly writes in the Boston Herald.  Her article in this past Monday's Herald unintentionally sums up why conservatives can't stand Republicans these days.

(Don't spill any of your Kool-Aid on us, please, Holly!)

Pool of Dem foes vs. Brown really shallow
By Holly Robichaud
Boston Herald
Monday, December 27, 2010

One year ago today, the then-Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate, Martha Coakley, was on vacation, presuming her victory was in hand. Scott Brown had a very different idea on the way to the polls.

As 2011 quickly approaches, so does the kick-off for the 2012 election cycle, which means the Democratic National Committee will declare open season on our Republican senator.

Despite their desires, Brown has not made any major gaffes and continues to be far more likable than Anchors-Away John Kerry, who was caught last summer berthing his new yacht in Rhode Island to avoid paying Massachusetts taxes.

During his first year in office, Brown earns high marks. Barbara Anderson, executive director of citizens for limited taxation, grades him with a B+ on his voting record and an overall grade of A. The veteran tax-cutting crusader does not agree with all his votes, but she is "very happy" with his performance.

Outgoing state Senate Republican Leader Richard Tisei says Brown has earned a solid A.

Tea Party members have expressed frustration with Brown's roll call votes. But Massachusetts is not Alabama and Brown has been politically smart to walk the fine line between being a fiscal conservative and a right-wing radical.

Democrats claim to be licking their chops about taking on Brown, but it seems more likely that the Democrat with the short straw will get the task. Brown has amassed a war chest of $6 million, more than double Kerry's.

Democrats may hope a Kennedy will step up in spite of their failure to recruit a family member for the special election. Vicki relocated to Boston and has been making public appearances. But flirting with a run and actually running are two different things. And it's been surprisingly quiet on the Call-Joe-for-Oil front. A Joe K candidacy would be formidable, but it also would be plagued by his skeletons and questions about the $575,000 salary from his non-profit Citizens Energy Corp.

U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch says he's staying put but has a $702,000 campaign account balance, and there's U.S. Rep. Mike Capuano, but he has $144,000 cash on hand and $48,000 debt and lost last year's primary. And don't count on Gov. Deval Patrick to run like Bill Weld did in 1996. Remember, Deval got back into the Corner Office without a majority of votes.

In such a blue state, you would expect a greater pool of Democrat challengers. It seems one-party domination has not bred a great farm team for the future.

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Establishment Republicans actually believe this nonsense. Brown won last January with a sea of energized citizens who'd had enough of the liberal agenda being forced at them, including the so-called "right-wing radicals" Brown courted when he ran We'll see what army Brown can recruit against the big unions and Democrat machine this time.

(Note her phrase "Right-wing radical." Are these the people who ascribe to the principles of the national Republican Party platform --  such as traditional marriage and right to life? Very radical!)

In fact, there's a good reason why Scott Brown hasn't appeared at any Tea Party or public Republican events for several months. Among actual activists, Brown is now probably the most despised politician in the state.