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POSTED: Dec 31, 2010

The most powerful propaganda is often the most subtle. If a person is portrayed as doing great, humanitarian things versus doing divisive or hurtful things, that person's cause and message are also given a psychological boost.

In today's culture wars the mainstream media does this in spades. When writing about people involved in these issues, there is rarely any middle ground -- as we've warned pro-family people for years. Although the casual reader may not realize it, the media takes this very seriously.

Front page of Boston Sunday Globe Metro section, Dec. 5, 2010

On Dec. 5 the Boston Globe ran a prominent feature article on Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the first openly homosexual bishop in the worldwide Episcopal church. It ought to be Exhibit A in any journalism class. To conservatives, Robinson is the cause of great pain, trauma, a breakdown of Christian morality, and a bitter split in the Episcopal Church. But in the Globe article (see below) he is simply a conquering civil rights hero who is continuing his humanitarian work in retirement.

Boston Globe photo of V. Gene Robinson - a contrast to the unflattering photos they publish of pro-family activists.

Classic left-wing "puff" piece

This is a classic left-wing "puff" piece. When you read this you will easily notice the four elements wherein this feature article differs from an article the Globe would write about a pro-family activist:

1. There are no uncomfortable embarrassing "facts" included in the article. It's not mentioned that the "V" in V. Gene Robinson stands for "Vicki" because his parents wanted a girl (Gene was supposedly short for Imogene, his grandmother's name) and this likely is related to his homosexuality. Nor do they mention that he left his wife and children to enter into a homosexual relationship with another man. (As recent Republican Congressional candidates Bill Hudak and Jeffrey Perry know, the Globe will faithfully repeat uncomfortable "facts" if it suits their leftist agenda.)

2. He gets to tell his "story" with broad direct quotes. With a pro-family subject, the subject is usually a few sparse quotes and the rest of his story is filtered through the reporter's retelling of it. Again, it's subtle but important.

3. There are no quotes from people who disagree, or opposing views included. When the subject is pro-family there are ALWAYS quotes from people who disagree with him. Sometimes nearly half the article is "opposing" views, often with harsh accusations. Furthermore, the subject is rarely allowed to rebut them in the article.

4. They use a flattering, friendly photograph. Ever notice how pro-family leaders are usually shown caught in the worst possible moment, with their mouths gaping, or their hair blown by the wind, or in harsh lighting?

No question about it -- reading the Globe can be an education:

Robinson not seeking a quiet retirement
1st openly gay Episcopal bishop plans to be active voice
by Lisa Wangsness, Boston Globe
December 5, 2010

CONCORD, N.H. - V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the worldwide Anglican Communion, may be retiring from his job heading the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire in a couple of years - but don't expect him to vanish from public life.

In addition to continuing his ministry to people who grew up without religion or who have had bad experiences with church, Robinson said he plans to become more involved in public policy issues. Religious people on the political left, he said, need to speak more loudly - and provocatively - on behalf of the poor and vulnerable.

"Jesus was constantly upsetting people,'' he said in an interview at the diocesan offices in Concord last week. "If we started proclaiming what Jesus did, which is our love for the marginalized and the outcast, and started demanding legislation and money that helped these people, there would be hell to pay. And that's exactly the kind of Gospel trouble I think we should be in'' . . .

“I think it’s a great day for LGBT people in the Episcopal Church,’’ Robinson said. “What you’ve seen in the last seven years is a church that has literally risked its life for us and has come out on the other side believing it is where God is calling us as a church.’’

The Rev. Adrian Robbins-Cole, rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Peterborough, N.H., said Robinson will be “a hard act to follow.’’ Robbins-Cole is president of the New Hampshire Diocese’s Standing Committee, a board of laypeople and clergy that advises the bishop and that will appoint a committee to search for his replacement.

“We’ve all been inspired by him,’’ Robbins-Cole said. “When he comes to visit our parish, people are really excited. He preaches brilliantly, and we all feel motivated.’’

The Rev. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, president and dean of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass., said Robinson was elected as bishop in New Hampshire because of his skills and long record of service in the diocese, not because of his sexuality.

“His grace under pressure, in the midst of all that, is an important legacy — his refusal to get drawn into responding in kind to the nastiness,’’ she said.

Robinson and his husband, Mark Andrew, plan to remain in their home in Weare after Robinson retires . . .

Read entire article HERE

Next day--the Washington Post starts series of articles by V. Gene Robinson on "Bible and Homosexuality"

As FDR observed, nothing in politics happens by accident. The day after that article appeared in the Globe, the Washington Post began publishing a series of articles by Robinson about the Bible and homosexuality -- basically cheap religious revisionism disguised as scholarly work.  The gay PR machine is obviously running on all cylinders.

V. Gene Robinson writing in the Washington Post "On Faith."  Scholarship or shallow propaganda? You can judge for yourself: