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Boston Globe pushes condoms in schools through phony "teen" initiative

Pushing Planned Parenthood sex agenda for teens

POSTED: Nov 30, 2010

[NEW REGULAR FEATURE: In the old Soviet Union, the state newspaper Pravda was a propaganda tool for pushing the "politically correct" worldview. Each week we will be including at least one example of how the mainstream media does that here.]

How many times have conservatives tried to make a point in public and been completely ignored by the press, or at best ridiculed?

Suppose a handful of Christian teenagers decided that in a few months they were planning to approach the Boston School Committee and ask them to get rid of "comprehensive sex education" in all city schools. They would be ignored, and probably laughed at. The media wouldn't even return their phone calls.

Ho, hum. Another mainstream media irresponsible propaganda piece.

But when the left-wing (and probably taxpayer funded) Hyde Square Task Force coaches a group of teenage girls to approach the media, suggesting that free condoms be given out in all city high schools and that there be MORE "comprehensive sex ed", the Boston Globe jumps into action. It writes a puff piece that could be a press release for Planned Parenthood.

Sunday's Boston Globe featured the article, "Teens seek schools' aid on sexual safety" on the front page of their Metro section. The article is basically another liberal puff piece promoting Planned-Parenthood style sex ed, trumpeting the kids as modern-day heroines, with the subtle message that anyone who might disagree is would be against "student safety."

The article also promotes the upcoming showing of a pro-sex ed video supposedly created by the teenagers, promoting the Planned Parenthood sexual agenda, particularly free condom distribution, as the only alternative to ignorance, disease, and destruction. 

Sex in the School - Does ignorance keep us safe?  Ad promoting video supposedly made by the teenaged girls. Yeah, right. To be shown next Thursday "to build public support" for free condoms in Boston high schools.

A classic of example Globe bias

Even by Globe standards, this one's a bit of a classic.

Of course, there is no opposing view included in the article. Plus, it's a stretch to believe that these girls did all this on their own. The obvious conclusion -- that they girls were recruited and coached to do this by activist adults -- isn't explored. But if they were conservatives, they'd be accused of being put up by every right-wing group the Globe could think of.

Here are some of the weird quotes from the article, which stand unchallenged:

  • "It's sad," said [one of the students]. "The schools would rather focus on things like books and tests than things that are affecting us now and could affect our tomorrow.''
  • "The [current] programs, they said, stress abstinence and often avoid discussion of contraceptives, which the teens find irresponsible."
  • "We are going to have to listen to the community,'' said Barbara Huscher, the School Department's health education program director. "Boston Public Schools is in the business of teaching, and that's what we focus on first. But we also want to keep students healthy.''
  • Barbara Ferrer, executive director of the Boston Public Health Commission, said: "Students need better access to condoms and better access to information. You need to make sure they have both, and you're representing the values of the community.''

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Just the opposite of "safety"

On the issue of safety, it's the liberals here who are causing the pain and misery.

The truth is that this Planned Parenthood "comprehensive sex" approach doesn't work. In the long run, when you give out condoms and tell kids that "safer sex" will protect you, more kids get diseases and pregnancies, not fewer. It's essentially telling kids to play Russian Roulette.

And worse, these are authority figures giving kids the message that they don't have to have self-control or be responsible. Everyone knows that condoms are available in any drug store. If, in the eyes of the liberals, kids are too "irresponsible" to buy them, they are too irresponsible to use them. It simply doesn't work.