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Iowa voters remove three Iowa Supreme Court justices who imposed same-sex "marriage" on state

The best election day story you probably DIDN'T see in the media

POSTED: Nov 5, 2010

On Tuesday the people of Iowa made the strong statement about out-of-control activist judges and "gay marriage" that's been denied the people of Massachusetts and other places.

The citizens of Iowa voted to remove three of the activist judges from the bench who imposed same-sex "marriage" in the state through judicial fiat last year. Elections on the other four judges in the case have not yet taken place.

In Iowa they're pretty serious about following the Constitution. [USA Today photo.]

Iowa's Supreme Court judges are appointed for 8-year terms. At the end of each term, they are up for a vote of the people, and need a simple majority to stay on the bench for another term. Three of the seven judges were up for re-election this year. All three got booted by an angry citizenry. The three are Chief Justice Marsha Ternus and justices David Baker and Michael Streit.

A fourth judge is up for a vote in 2012, and the three others in 2016.

In April 2009 Iowa's seven Supreme Court judges shocked Iowa and the nation by unanimously declaring that Iowa's law banning same-sex "marriages" violated the Constitution's "equal protection" rights of homosexual couples.

This represents the first time ever that any Iowa judges have lost a retention election since that system was implemented in 1962. And we have a feeling that in two years there will be another one!

Some of the scant media coverage: