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US Army now warning Chaplains: If you don't like the homosexual agenda, get out!

After "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal

POSTED: March 21, 2011

Among the first casualties in the homosexualization of the US military caused by the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT) are the military chaplains who still profess traditional Christian (or Jewish) belief. And it's starting right away. It's becoming clear that any open disagreement with homosexuality will not be tolerated.

The latest news from the Center For Military Readiness (CMR) is extremely disturbing. CMR, run by executive director Elaine Donnelly, is the best source for information on the effects of the culture wars and political correctness plaguing our US military forces. She's exposing the speed and thoroughness of the transformation of the military since the DADT repeal. Their goal right now is to beat any possible subversion of it from a Republican Congress.

She reports that the Army is implementing "three-tiered LGBT training" for military chaplains. Tier One has already begun. As Donnelly explains:

CMR has obtained copies of the “Tier One” training documents that the various services are already using to “re-educate” the troops. The training program for Army chaplains, in particular, makes it very clear that dissenters will have no option but to leave the service, if they are eligible and if they do not owe time to the Army.

Here a few of the key slides from the US Army's presentation obtained by Donnelly:

(NOTE in slide above the reference to "marriage" despite the federal "Defense of Marriage" law now in effect. Is this a prelude to the government recognizing same-sex "marriage"?)

Here is some of the text from the Army's presentation:

"You may hear the language, 'Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual', or 'GLB' at certain times in reference to homosexual Soldiers. As of today the Army has not directed the use of the any specific reference term but has accepted the usage of these terms."

"You may, in appropriate circumstances and within the limitations of law and policy, express your moral or religious beliefs regarding sexual orientation. However, you may NOT make statements detrimental to good order and discipline and must obey lawful orders. You do NOT have the right to refuse duty or duty assignments based on a moral objection to another's sexual orientation."

"You remain obligated to follow orders that involve interaction with others who are homosexual even if an unwillingness to do so is based on strong, sincerely held moral or religious beliefs. As expressed in the Manual for Courts-Martial regarding a Soldier's obligation to obey orders: 'the dictates of a person's conscience, religion, or personal philosophy cannot justify or excuse the disobedience of an otherwise lawful order.'"

Download the entire US Army presentation: "Policy Information Brief - Chief of Chaplains"

Thanks to turncoat Sen. Scott Brown . . .

When U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) was running for office he stated that he would vote AGAINST the repeal of DADT. (Here's a voter guide where he advertised his opposition to the repeal.)

But once Brown got in office he sold out on that surprisingly easily and voted FOR it -- even collaborating with homosexual activists in the process. His excuse was that the Pentagon told him the transition would be fairly easy and efficient for the military leadership to accomplish. As you know, the DADT repeal was done in a sleazy year-end lame-duck session of Congress, knowing full well that the newly elected Congress would not support it. And Brown went right along with that.

Let's hope that the Massachusetts voters respond suitably in 2012 when Brown runs for re-election.