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Unbelievable: US Marines preparing to indoctrinate soldiers to accept homosexuality

POSTED: March 28, 2011

Every commander executing a plan that he considers bad or disastrous is criminal. He must point out the flaws, insist that it be changed and at last resort resign rather than be the instrument of the destruction of his own men.
     -- Napoleon

Even we didn't think that the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT) would lead to anything like this so quickly.

How can even the US Marines be fully on board? Many of you may have seen this recent official announcement video by the Marine Corps on how they intend to do their best to integrate homosexuality into their units.

VIDEO: US Marine Corps official video with commanders announcing their cooperation with plans to integrate homosexuality within their units.

(NOTE in the video above they talk about the Marines' loyalties--Country, Constitution, Congress, commander-in-chief, etc.--they don't list God anymore. All in all, it's a pretty pathetic and embarrassing set of excuses.)

VIDEO: As expected, this has also spawned numerous "gay marine" parodies across the Internet . .

But ultimately, it's not a humorous situation.

Washington Times reports US Marines starting 'gay' training

The Marines' homosexual "training" indoctrination is starting to happen in earnest. Here's what the Washington Times recently reported in an article titled "Military indoctrinated on gays kissing, behavior":

The Marine Corps, which a Pentagon survey found holds deep opposition to lifting the ban, plans to publicly release its training material April 1. A Marine source provided copies to The Washington Times.

The vignette about seeing two male Marines kissing is part of a list of scenarios to help instructors prepare commanders for incidents likely to arise.

"Situation," it begins. "You are the Executive Officer of your unit. While shopping at the local mall over the weekend, you observe two junior male Marines in appropriate civilian attire assigned to your unit kissing and hugging in the food court.

"Issue: Standards of Conduct. Is this within standards of personal and professional conduct?"

The answer to Marines: "If the observed behavior crosses acceptable boundaries as defined in the standards of conduct for your unit and the Marine Corps, then an appropriate correction should be made. Your assessment should be made without regard to sexual orientation." . . .

In another scenario outlined in the Marine material, a lesbian Marine approaches her platoon sergeant and states "she can no longer tolerate her heterosexual roommate."

The answer: "The Platoon Sergeant must take a very active and positive leadership approach with a focus on conflict resolution and professional obligations to uphold the policy."

A separate training guide answers 23 frequently asked questions, such as "is consensual sodomy still a punishable offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice?"

Answer: "The U.S. Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces found that private, consensual sexual activity, to include consensual sodomy, regardless of sexual orientation, is a protected liberty under the Fourteenth Amendment."

And this is just the beginning . . .

It's truly mind-numbing watching the commanders of America's armed forces cave in to an immediate and thorough large-scale indoctrination into the destructive tentacles of homosexuality. It's hard to figure out whether they actually believe this, or they're selling their souls. In the end it doesn't matter. They are helping destroy the US military as we know it.

What do you suppose Napoleon (or General Patton) would say about all this?