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Cambridge politicians working with transgender activists to require "gender neutral" restrooms in all public buildings!

The aganda continues . . .

POSTED: Jan. 24, 2011

While the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill percolates in the State House, the battle takes on another front. The Boston Herald has reported that the City of Cambridge is working on a plan to require "gender neutral" bathrooms in all city buildings, restaurants and bars and other public-use buildings.

The "transgender lobby" appears to be the force behind this. As the Herald quoted  in their article:

"A bunch of people feel uncomfortable going to a men's or a women's room," said John Gintell, co-chairman of Cambridge's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Commission, and a key advocate of the city's push for restrooms that are open to people of all genders.

But, he added, "transgendered people wouldn't be the only clients" of the gender-free restrooms.

Other users could be elderly people who rely on opposite gender aides and parents of young children who need assistance.

. . .  Earlier this week, by a nearly unanimous vote, the council instructed the city manager to explore the possibility of requiring gender-neutral bathrooms with members of the city's GLBT commission.
. . . If the new research takes root, the city could require city buildings, restaurants and bars and public-use buildings to have gender-neutral single- or multiuser bathrooms.

Supporters say that simply switching signs on the front of restroom doors could make life safer for transgendered people who are now forced to decide between men's and women's lavs.

This is a classic example of how the homosexual movement operates. They work tirelessly to change the laws to force all of society to accommodate and accept their agenda, no matter what the consequences or cost.

Conspicuously ignored, of course, it the fact that the liberal mental health community officially considers transgenderism - known scientifically as "gender identity disorder" - as a disorder requiring treatment, not accommodation by society.

Although Cambridge is considered a fringe liberal area, this is a warning of things to come unless people are vigilant. We are waiting to see the new "Transgender rights and hate crimes" bill that the homosexual lobby has likely filed again this year in the Legislature. We'll keep you informed on developments.