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Letter Lee Ann Kay sent to local Concord businesses who supported "Falsettos"

POSTED: April 21, 2011

On March 23, Lee Ann sent the following letter to the local businesses who had advertised in Falsetto's program informing them exactly what they had paid for.

It's gratifying that all of the responses she received said that the businesses had no idea about the controversial nature of the play and they would be more careful when buying such ads in the future!

Dear Sirs:

In December 2009, your company placed an advertisement in the bulletin for the Concord-Carlisle High School play, “Falsettos” (see attachment). This play is the subject of Concord Town Meeting Warrant Article 31, “Condemnation of Depraved Play and Defamation of Jews.” I would like to know if this play represents the values of your company.

An informative 10 minute video with excerpts from the Concord-Carlisle High School production of “Falsettos” is available at This video proves the play is anti-Semitic. All the main characters are Jews. Jews are called manipulative, neurotic, over-sexed, and crazy in the song, “Four Jews in a Room Bitching.” There are mockeries of the Exodus from Egypt and the bar mitzvah ceremony. One character sings, “...days like this I almost believe in God,” as if Jews have no real belief in the Almighty. This play attacks the foundations of Judaism, and therefore attacks all observant Jews.

Sexual promiscuity and disease are also shamelessly celebrated. In “Falsettos” the main character, Marvin, leaves his wife and son for a male lover. He meets men in latrines and exposes his wife to syphilis and hepatitis. When the male lover dies of AIDS, Marvin sings he would do it all over again and again. What school district, in its right mind, would encourage students to have promiscuous sex, especially with people known to have AIDS? What school district would encourage students to contract diseases and die? Through “Falsettos,” our school administration celebrates irresponsible, selfish behaviors, with no regard for the welfare of oneself or others.

If Article 31 is defeated in Town Meeting, there is a possibility that Concord, as well as those who purchased “Falsettos” advertisements, will be considered supportive of anti-Semitism and the endangerment of children. I trust you will reconsider your company’s past support for this depraved play.


Lee Ann Kay
Article 31, Petitioner