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School Committee treats citizens' concerns about anti-Semitic play and homosexuality in schools with contempt and hostility

In Concord, Massachusetts. See VIDEO below . . .

POSTED: March 21, 2011

The experience of citizens with traditional values who attempt to reason with left-wing activist public school officials is only getting worse. It's becoming a nightmare out of a George Orwell book as schools push more bizarre and outrageous activities on kids.

(And if you're wondering where Obama's "Safe Schools" czar Kevin Jennings' train is headed, read on. This might be your next stop.)

We recently reported on how local citizens are fighting back against a depraved, anti-Semitic, homosexual play titled "Falsettos" that was produced at Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) in Concord, Massachusetts. (See VIDEO of excerpts here.) The play was directed by a CCHS teacher, Peter Atlas, a long-time homosexual activist who has closely collaborated with Kevin Jennings (founder of the homosexual group GLSEN while teaching at Concord Academy).

The play, "Falsettos," is a truly sickening piece of work. Besides being a homosexual love story, it obscenely mocks Jewish ethnicity and denigrates traditional Judaism. It's hard to believe that any public officials (or any normal human beings) would have anything to do with it at all, and certainly not involve kids in it.

One local citizen, Lee Ann Kay, has had enough. She's brought forth an item for vote at upcoming Town Meeting in April asking the town to condemn the school's production of the play and apologize for it.  This has already attracted a predictable angry backlash from the liberal establishment. But she is not deterred by that and is not backing down.

Had appealed to School Committee

Lee Ann Kay is bringing this to the Town Meeting because the School Committee refused to even consider the concerns of citizens about it despite their pleas. 

READ correspondence sent to the Superintendent and School Committee regarding the play Falsettos:

12/1/09: Lee Ann Kay's letter to Supt. Diana Rigby about Falsettos

9/2/10: Supt. Rigby's article in newspaper praising Falsettos

Letter from Rabbinical Alliance of America to Supt. Rigby

11/16/10: Lee Ann Kay's letter to School Committee requesting action

Then on November 23, 2010, Lee Ann Kay and another resident, Sally Naumann (both activists affiliated with MassResistance) testified at the Concord-Carlisle School Committee with their concerns about Falsettos. They also brought up serious issues regarding the promotion of sexuality and homosexuality to children in the Concord schools. They prepared their presentations and calmly made their points at the meeting. The legitimate concerns they brought up would shock and outrage any normal parent. (It even shocked us!)

A rare look at how liberal officials treat people like you

What you see in this video clip is similar to what happens to so many parents who appeal to left-wing school officials on these issues. They were ignored, and treated with contempt and even hostility. But we still need more people doing what these two women did! Watch the video below!

VIDEO: School committee treats citizens with contempt in Concord, Mass.

If more citizens confronted school committees as did these two women, we would eventually win!

Liberal school officials' view of traditional people and traditional values

The liberals running local school systems across the country think of citizens with traditional values or even opinions as an obstacle to their progressive agendas -- as backward, ignorant people.

They see "Falsettos" as a great lesson in tolerance. They see homosexuality as a wonderful, healthy thing for kids to experiment with and identify with. And they see traditional religion, particularly traditional Judaism and Christianity, as primitive and outdated, and its adherents only worthy of mockery and derision. It's mind-numbing to normal people that public officials can believe that it's a good thing for kids at school to perform a homosexual-themed play mocking Judaism and Jewish ethnicity.

And in the end it's a whole generation of kids who are suffering.

We all saw this attitude in Lexington a few years ago when David Parker simply asked to be able to opt-out his six-year-old son from homosexuality in kindergarten and was refused by the town's school officials. We've seen it in many other towns. Unfortunately, this attitude is replicated in school districts across America.

Fear of kids bullied and harassed in school

Most parents are afraid to publicly confront their school officials as these two women did. They fear their kids will suffer for it. We don't blame them. We've seen countless instances where the kids of liberal parents and even teachers themselves horribly bully and harass kids for the "sins" of their conservative parents. It's the irony of the current politically-correct "anti-bullying" crusade.

Parents or grandparents whose children are no longer in the schools should follow this example. Speak up on behalf of the parents who hold back in understandable fear of retaliation targeting their children.

People need to fight back

This is why good people need to justice from their Legislature. We are doing with the new Parents' Rights Bill introduced this year in the State House. This is a battle for the minds (and physical health) of innocent children and the religious freedom of parents.