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Fighting back:

Tea Party-backed State Committeeman takes on RINO Mass. Republican Party Chairman in bi-annual election

Establishment pulls sleazy tactics to win

POSTED: Jan 12, 2011

The rank-and-file conservative Republican activists are fighting back against the RINO elitists who have taken over the party leadership.

On Thursday, Jan. 6, the Republican establishment in Massachusetts was forced to pull out all the stops to fend off a challenge from angry Tea Party people and conservatives in the bi-annual election for State Republican Party Chairman.

Bill McCarthy gave a great speech challenging Jennifer Nassour for the Party Chairmanship -- and giving the RINO elites notice that the conservative rank and file isn't going to sit still.
{MassResistance photo]

Current chairman Jennifer Nassour was challenged by State Committeeman Bill McCarthy with enthusiastic help from activists from around the state.

Nassour has been a thorn in the side of pro-family conservatives across the state. She appeared in a front-page interview in the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows telling them that she wanted Republicans to abandon their traditional positions on homosexuality and abortion. She helped engineer the nomination of the pro-gay, pro-abortion team of Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei for Governor and Lt. Governor. But on Nov. 2, while there was a Republican sweep across America, here in Massachusetts under Nassour's leadership Republicans lost all ten congressional races, all of the state constitutional races, and all but four of the state senate races.

There was a pickup of 17 state House seats, but many of the candidates complained that the Republican state party gave those races little or no support, and the candidates were left on their own. But nevertheless, the Party has taken credit for the wins.

Crowding out the opposition. Unlike the previous election, the Party held this one in a room too small to fit all the supporters who came for McCarthy.
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At the meeting Bill gave a great speech that shook up the room. He sent the message to the RINOs and the establishment that pretending to be liberals had better stop right now.

The Party did everything they could to thwart Bill's chances. They held the election right after the New Year without much of time for campaigning. Nassour refused to participate in any pre-election debates. Unlike the previous election which was held in a big room, they held this election in a relatively small room and most of Bill's supporters had to wait outside.

Inside, the tables for the 80-member State Committee took up most of the room.
[Mass-Resistance photo]

We were told that there was a lot of arm-twisting and pressure. Many of the 80-member state committee are either pubic employees or have some state honorarium (such as being on the board of a state college). People were told that they'd better vote the right way -- or else. And the Mass. Republican State Committee has never been a bastion of bold, fearless conservatism to start with.

For those reasons, Bill's people knew that they weren't going to win the vote. (They lost 50-16. Several State Committee members stayed away and didn't vote.) But it shook the current leadership up, which they're not used to. Mission accomplished. And there's more shaking up to do.

During the meeting Chairman Jennifer Nassour (left) oversaw things standing on the side.
[MassResistance photo]