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Fighting back:

Scott Lively's hard-hitting letter of rebuttal published in Boston Globe

POSTED: Jan. 24, 2010

Scott Lively is fighting back.

To their credit, after their outrageous article, the Boston Globe was willing to let Scott Lively publish a letter in rebuttal. (He had wanted to write an op-ed column, but they turned that down.) The letters editor even worked with him on it to make it as good as possible.  It doesn't undo the damage , but it's something.

Here's the letter that the Globe published:

Letter to the Editor
January 15, 2011
(See letter on Globe's website)

RE “SHIFT in mission for religious firebrand: Antigay pastor refocuses on aiding Springfield’’ (Page A1, Jan. 5): It isn’t fair of the Globe to limit my rebuttal to about 250 words after attacking me on the front page, but here goes.

First, the Globe is taking sides to call me “antigay’’ if it defines “gay’’ as an unchangeable state of being. The pro-family side defines homosexuality as a form of voluntary conduct that violates God’s design for sex and family. We are against behavior, not people.

Second, I have never advocated or condoned violence against others, either in Uganda or any of the other 30 countries in which I have lectured. The deviously edited videos and print articles produced by my pro-“gay’’ enemies in the media do not accurately represent my views.

Third, neither I nor my Orthodox Jewish co-author of “The Pink Swastika’’ are Holocaust deniers. That reference was removed by its author from a blog months ago under threat of a lawsuit, a fact I would have shared with the reporter had he asked during our two hours of interviews. By the way, our book boasts quotations from dozens of mainstream historians and scholars.

Finally, these accusations are not new. I have prepared thorough responses to each at my group’s website, I’m also willing to debate these issues in any neutral venue where I can explain pro-family reasoning directly to the audience without the filter of hostile journalists.

Scott Lively
Abiding Truth Ministries