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Boston Globe does vicious hit article on Scott Lively, respected pro-family pastor & writer

. . . Followed two days later by Springfield Republican newspaper

POSTED: Jan 12, 2011

The mainstream media's anti-family, anti-Christian propaganda campaign has taken a disturbing turn. On Wednesday, January 5, the Boston Globe published a particularly vicious front-page article attacking Scott Lively, a well-known pro-family activist, pastor, writer, and lecturer. It was done in a cowardly, dishonest manner where the reporter misrepresented himself and went against Dr. Lively's wishes regarding the interview.

Scott Lively is known and respected in pro-family circles around the world. He is also an attorney and has a doctorate in theology. But his principled stand on homosexuality and biblical morality, which includes several books exposing the homosexual agenda, has earned him the vitriol of homosexual activists.

Dr. Lively, a Massachusetts native, moved back to Springfield a few years ago to start an inner-city Christian ministry. This apparently angers the Globe and prompted them to publish the article.

Going far beyond mere "bias", it's possibly the worst Globe attack article against a pro-family figure in memory.

The article is stark comparison to the glowing, positive article the Globe published recently on another local religious activist figure, Bishop V. Gene Robinson of the Episcopal Church. (Robinson left his wife and family to live with his homosexual lover and became an activist promoting homosexuality in the Episcopal Church.) That article, described in a recent MassResistance post, could only be termed a "puff piece."

Front-page article in Boston Globe on Jan. 5

How the media poisons a "feature article" on a pro-family conservative

The heavy bias and unprofessionalism in the way the Boston Globe and other mainstream media often cover a pro-family conservative versus a liberal is quite profound, bordering on propaganda. They clearly want the casual reader to dislike (and be fearful of) the pro-family conservative, and like and trust the liberal.

This presents itself in four major areas:

1. Uncomfortable or embarrassing "background facts." Also including negative descriptions, charges, or accusations. For the pro-family conservative, numerous such "facts" are usually included, and the subject is not given the chance to refute them. For the liberal, these are rarely if ever included (and if so the liberal gets to refute them).

2. How the subject's position is presented. The liberal gets to tell his "story" with broad direct quotes. The pro-family subject is usually allowed a few sparse quotes of his own, but the rest of his story is filtered through the reporter's retelling of it with his own negative slant.

3. Quotes from people in opposition. Articles on pro-family subjects ALWAYS include quotes and accusations from people who disagree with him -- which he is not allowed to refute. Sometimes nearly half the article is "opposing" views, often with harsh accusations. This almost never happens to a liberal.

4. Unflattering photograph(s) used. For liberals, they choose a flattering, friendly photograph. For pro-family conservatives, they choose the worst, unflattering, unfriendly photo they can find.

As you read the article (excerpted below, and in its entirety on the web) note how many of these elements are apparent:

Shift in mission for religious firebrand
Antigay pastor refocuses on aiding Springfield
By Michael Levenson
Boston Globe Staff / January 5, 2011

SPRINGFIELD - He gained international attention after he was accused of stoking violence against gays in Uganda. One of his books, "Pink Swastika,'' argues that Hitler and other Nazi leaders were gay. Another provides seven steps to "recruit-proof'' your child from gay activists.

But Scott Lively says he is toning down his antigay rhetoric and shifting his focus to helping the downtrodden. And he's found a home and a receptive audience in this struggling city where many, but not all, have embraced his mission to "re-Christianize Springfield.''

. . . But some in the city are wary. Gay rights and civil rights groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, have labeled Lively's longtime organization, Abiding Truth Ministries, a hate group.

"He has won the hearts of his people with his sincerity and the things he's doing in the community,'' said Archbishop Timothy Paul, pastor of the Basilica of the Holy Apostles and president of the Council of Churches of Greater Springfield. "But I don't believe people in Springfield really know who he is.''

. . . But he leapt into the world spotlight in March 2009, when he traveled to Uganda, and addressed members of parliament at a seminar on "exposing the homosexuals' agenda.'' . . . Lively said he and two other American evangelicals were invited to the conference as experts on homosexuality. Lively warned the gathering that gays are a serious threat and their lifestyle "will lead to social chaos and destruction.''

. . . A week after the conference, a bill was introduced in the Ugandan Parliament that would allow gays to be executed under certain circumstances. Gay rights and human rights activists said Lively's presentation helped set the stage for the bill, which was condemned by the United States and other governments.

"Scott Lively played a crucial role,'' said the Rev. Kapya Kaoma, an Episcopal priest from Zambia who went undercover to document the conference and is now pastor of Christ Church in Boston's Hyde Park. "He spoke to the parliamentarians for four hours. [The bill's preamble] had Scott Lively's talking points.''

. . .  Rick Warren, the prominent evangelical pastor, released a statement saying he had never met Lively during his own work in Uganda, and added, "I would certainly not associate with anyone who denies the Holocaust.''

. . . Kaoma said he doubts Lively and others who denounced gays in Uganda have truly changed.

"When they are in Africa, they preach hatred; when they come to America, because they know Americans are going to hold them accountable, they become moderates,'' he said. "Honestly, I wouldn't believe a thing from Scott Lively. I don't even think he's capable of toning down his antigay rhetoric.'' . . .

Read entire article HERE

Horrible video included with Globe article

As if that's not enough, the Globe created a bizarre video of Scott Lively which they included alongside the article. It's incredibly unprofessional. They "cherry picked" parts of video interviews he had with other media. Then the Globe added text to clarify to the viewer just how "bad" and "dishonest" Lively is.

VIDEO included with Boston Globe article

You've got to see it for yourself. This Globe video is a textbook case of yellow journalism.

See it HERE

What they didn't let Scott Lively tell you

The article would have certainly been more interesting if Scott Lively had been able to refute the charges and accusations against him. But it would not have served the Globe's purpose. For example:

* Various "gay groups," the extremist Southern Poverty Law Center, and others are given the status of experts in the article in their attacks on Lively, but he isn't given the chance to answer their accusations or discuss their credentials.

* Lively's book The Pink Swastika, now in its fifth edition, is well written and very well-researched. But it is the bane of the homosexual movement because of the truth that it tells. Read more about it here. His other books are equally good. For Pastor Rick Warren to call Lively a "Holocaust denier" is absurd and stupid. Lively (and his Orthodox Jewish co-author) have documented much of the Holocaust.

* The proposed Ugandan law that has liberals here in America so incensed proposed harsh punishments for those who knowingly expose people to AIDS and adults who seduce children or people with mental disabilities into homosexual sex acts. It's not far out of line with most people's sensibilities. But nevertheless, Lively did not propose the law; he simply told Ugandans his observations of the homosexual agenda.

* Lively's alleged "anti-gay rhetoric" is simply facts and discussion that the homosexual movement does not approve of. (In reality his approach is pro-humanity; he is full of compassion for those who have been drawn into homosexuality.)

Dishonest approach by reporter

Probably the worst part of the article was the dishonesty of the Boston Globe reporter, Michael Levenson. When he phoned Scott Lively asking for the interview, Levenson told him that the article would be about "the transformation of the Springfield coffee house." Then Lively asked him if it would be about homosexual issues. He indicated that it wouldn't be, but "as long as we're on the subject" he might ask a few questions about those issues.

On that basis, Scott Lively said he didn't want an on-site interview, just a phone interview. But after agreeing to that, Levenson came to the coffee house anyway and started interviewing the people there and taking pictures. When that happened Lively felt trapped into participating. It was very unprofessional.

In truth, the article was never really about the coffee house ministry, except as a background to an "expose" and attack on Lively himself over his pro-family activities and writings.

Prior discussion with MassResistance

Before contacting Scott Lively, Levenson had called Brian Camenker of MassResistance to ask about Lively's new venture in Springfield and get contact his information. In their lengthy conversation, Levenson gave no indication that he planned to write about anything other than the coffee house and ministry.

Email exchange: After the article came out Camenker had the following email exchange with the Globe reporter, Michael Levenson:


Your article takes first place for the worst attack article (disguised as a "feature story") I think I've ever seen in the Globe. And that's going back a long way. I'm really speechless. It's pretty evident that you can't stand the guy. That article will become a textbook case of what the Globe is capable of doing to a person,

And then there's the video, with that absurd text put in to emphasize your point.

It's interesting to compare it with the article the Globe did recently on another religious leader involved with homosexuality -- V. Gene Robinson. A complete puff piece with no criticism at all.

I think it will be a long time before anyone in this movement takes any of your calls. And we should probably stay away from the Globe entirely, if this is the direction they're going.

Brian Camenker

Here's his reply:


Thanks for your note. I appreciate your comments. I believe the story is fair.

I have received email from readers who feel the piece gave too much of a platform for Mr. Lively without any criticism.

Thank you,


This exchange is a perfect example of the mindset of today's mainstream "journalists." Like the Left in general, they see us as a danger to society that must be exposed, and thus we are subject to different journalistic standards. If anything, we're less than human. They'll usually be very polite to our faces. But in our experience, that's the way they think and virtually nothing can dissuade them of that.

Things are changing in the media right now

The mainstream media is now starting to take the gloves off. It's possible that the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal was a watershed of sorts. Traditional religious belief (particularly regarding homosexuality) has been attacked for a while, but we were still somewhat tolerated. Many in the mainstream media now believe that traditional religious belief must be purged from society. To do that, it needs to be considered a hateful aberration, even a a mental illness.

For example, notice that in both the articles (including #2 below) the label "anti-gay pastor" is used to describe Scott Lively, even though his opinions would be considered mainstream among most Americans. It's a conscious effort to demonize criticism of homosexuality, to make it a label that marginalizes him. (Of course, they would never label anyone "pro-gay" because that is now considered normal.)

Two days later: Springfield city official "warns" city about Scott Lively, as local newspaper follows up with second attack article.

Two days after the Globe article, the (very liberal) Springfield Republican newspaper curiously published its own attack article on Scott Lively. In it, they referenced the Globe article, but they took a different approach.

This time they accused him of harboring truants from the local high school, to accuse him of somehow enticing kids. And they include a city official to emphasize the fear people should have of Lively. In other words, another shameful hit piece.

Springfield officials worry Holy Grounds coffee shop run by anti-gay pastor Scott Lively attracts truants
Published: Friday, January 07, 2011
By Peter Goonan, The Republican

SPRINGFIELD - Local officials have raised concerns that a coffee shop on State Street operated by Scott Lively, a pastor who made a name for himself as an anti-gay activist, has attracted students from the nearby High School of Commerce, including teenage truants. . . .

. . . City Councilor Timothy J. Rooke said that beyond the truancy issue, he is concerned about Lively himself, who has drawn national media coverage for his views and comments on issues including homosexuality . . . Rooke said he was concerned about Lively's possible influence on students who are "at a vulnerable and impressionable age."  . . .

Read entire article HERE

This City Councilor obviously has no problem with Springfield's vulnerable and impressionable kids getting the homosexual agenda pushed in their faces in school. But getting the truth that's not politically correct - well, that's a problem for him.

And of course, Lively has not attempted to "attract truants" from school and has cooperated with school officials when they come to the coffee shop. The whole thing seems contrived. How many juvenile delinquents would hang out at a coffee house whose mission is to teach them the Gospel? And would Springfield City Councilor Rooke rather that kids just hang out in the drug-infested streets?  You can contact Councilor Timothy J. Rooke here and ask him.

Piling on with more unprofessional journalism

The Springfield Republican's online article also included two nasty videos about Lively (at bottom of article). One from ABC News portrays him as an evangelical Christian bigot who went to Uganda to persuade them to murder homosexuals. The other is a venomous "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" video personally attacking Lively. Would they include these if he were "pro-gay"? Absolutely not.