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Springfield City Councilor calls Scott Lively an anti-Semite in TV interview!

Says he must be kept from "vulnerable" kids!

POSTED: Jan 24, 2011

The homosexual activists and their friends in high places are relentless about destroying those who disagree with them.

Springfield City Councilor Tim Rooke intensified his attacks on Rev. Scott Lively last week with a libelous outburst on the local Fox TV station WGGB. Rook has been the public face of Springfield's political establishment, attempting to slander and marginalize Lively since the original Springfield Republican article on January 7.

Most of Rooke's attacks have been prompted by Rev. Lively's opposition to the homosexual agenda targeting children -- which Rooke apparently feels is a good influence for kids rather than destructive.

But now he is making the absurd and libelous charge that Lively is anti-Semitic. It's an unbelievably sleazy thing for an elected official to say.

Rooke told the Fox TV station:

"I don't think we need anybody exposing any anti-gay messages or anti-Semitic messages to students who may or may not agree with him."

"My concern was are they interacting with a gentleman who has a very different viewpoint I think than most of the people in Springfield."

"They're at a vulnerable age, and some of the students that were going into the coffee shop who are gay weren't aware of his past. So the benefit is that at least now they have become a little more educated. "

This is particularly ironic -- and outrageous -- because Lively's famous book, The Pink Swastika, is just the opposite of anything anti-Semitic and was co-authored by an Orthodox Jew. It is a disgusting way for any politician to behave.

In the same TV piece, the Fox reporter uses clips obviously given to them by homosexual activists and tell the views:

"He [Lively] also spoke to the [Uganda's] Parliament which later passed a law making it a crime to be gay."

That's a blatantly false statement. The bill was never passed. And it did not make it a crime to "be gay". It made it a crime to commit certain homosexual-related crimes of assault or coercion on minors.

Lively has said that he has no intention of suing Rooke for his obviously actionable libel, and has attempted to talk with him about it. He's finally gotten an appointment, and the two are scheduled to meet on Monday. (Interestingly, the Superintendent of Schools told Lively that his schedule "has no openings for several weeks.")

Watch for yourself -- here's the Fox TV interview:

Fox40 WGGB-TV Report

Had enough of these kind of politicians fighting against you and your children?   You can contact Timothy Rooke HERE.

We've noticed that many Fox local stations around the country are actually more aggressively pro-homosexual than their "liberal" local competitors. This is obviously no exception.

Pro-gay Springfield City Counsilor Timothy Rooke wants to make sure nobody gives any kids in schools a different opinion.