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MassResistance helps prepare Maryland activists for "gay marriage" public hearing in State Senate

MassResistance continues its reach into states where help is needed

POSTED: Feb. 10, 2011

On Tuesday the Maryland State Senate held a public hearing on the explosive "gay marriage" bill SB116, which would force the legalization of same-sex "marriage" in Maryland.

This hearing -- and the Senate vote in general -- was considered a key place to get the bill stopped before it goes to the gay-friendly House and to the Governor who has said he would sign it if it gets to him.


Hearing testimony. As hundreds stood behind and outside, people were called forward one by one to testify before the 11-member Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.  [ProtectMarriageMaryland photo]

Last week MassResistance was contacted by activists from the statewide pro-family group ProtectMarriageMaryland.  They wanted any help we could provide organizing for and dealing with this crucial hearing.

We went right to action:

  • We provided them with our hard-hitting 4-page handout "What same-sex "marriage" has done to Massachusetts". This pamphlet has been successfully used in by activists California, Florida, Iowa, Hawaii, Maine, and other states. We encouraged them to disseminate it as widely as possible, especially to legislators. It had an immediate effect. It was used as testimony by citizens testifying. At least one Senator on the panel used it in his questioning.
  • On Friday MassResistance held a 1½ hour conference call with key activists from ProtectMarriageMaryland. We briefed them on the kind of tactics they could expect from the homosexual lobby, and strategies they could use to counter them.
  • We contacted over 100 MassResistance activists who live in Maryland and encouraged them to testify at the hearing and work with ProtectMarriageMaryland.

It ended up being a great pro-family turnout! Several hundred people were there. The hearing room filled up immediately and a second large room with closed-circuit televisions also filled up.

Although the homosexual lobby had organized heavily, we were told there were nearly twice as many pro-family supporters as homosexual activists! There was also a wide range of pro-family people - inner-city blacks, white evangelicals, Orthodox Jews, Hispanics, and many others.

And it was definitely needed. The homosexual group Equality Maryland had been lobbying the politicians extremely hard and skillfully for months, and it showed. Their propaganda was that this was a "civil rights bill" and an unbelievably high number of otherwise sensible politicians were falling for it, including several church-going Bible-believing Senators who completely caved in. The homosexual activists were there that day to reinforce that, over and over, with carefully prepared emotional testimony.

At least one Senator became rude and hostile when challenged by the pro-family citizens, but the people generally stood their ground and gave a lot of very powerful testimony, we were told by the activists who were there.

We're told that there are four undecided votes on this issue in the Maryland Senate, and if two of them come our way, the bill will be stopped. We will keep you up to date on what happens!