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Maryland activists lose first found of "gay marriage" battle. But big showdown in General Assembly still coming up.

POSTED: Feb 21, 2011

The "gay marriage" bill in the Maryland legislature passed in the Senate committee on Thursday by a 7-4 vote despite passionate testimony and lobbying by pro-family forces. As we've reported, MassResistance has been working with activists with the statewide group ProtectMarriageMaryland to help.

The full Maryland Senate could vote on the bill as early as Tuesday. On Friday there will be another public hearing on the bill, this time before the House committee. If it passes that committee it goes before the full House. The Democratic legislative leadership is trying to fast-track the bill to be on the Governor's desk by the end of next week.

(One thing to note: the Republicans in the Maryland General Assembly are for real, not like the limp-wristed moderates in the Massachusetts Legislature.  Recently the Republican Senate Minority Leader was forced to resign his position because he suggested that he would support civil unions! They're willing to fight for what's right.)

This past Friday MassResistance hosted a conference call with pro-marriage activists across the State to strategize on what to do this week. Some good courses of action came out of that. We are also mobilizing over a hundred MassResistance activists in Maryland, besides the ones involved with the statewide group.

In particular, we are making sure they have access to our materials on the effects and horror of "gay marriage" on Massachusetts, especially how it affected the public schools. The David Parker case has been a real eye-opener, and also the deluge of hard-core homosexual materials that appeared in our schools after the court ruling opened the floodgates. One Maryland activist that at least one Senator has been brought to our side recently after seeing our materials.

Massachusetts connection. A pastor testifies before Maryland Senate committee holding up copy of King and King, homosexual book for children from the David Parker case in Massachusetts.

Although most of the mainstream media has been aggressively pro-"gay marriage," as usual, talk radio seems to be a holdout. Brian Camenker of MassResistance will be featured on a major Maryland drive-time morning talk show on Wednesday.

And added to that, the vitriol, profanity, and hatred from the homosexual community in Maryland directed at anything pro-family or pro-traditional has been quite vicious. Then there is the twisted propaganda that it's the pro-family side that's causing all the discord. All of this has had an effect on our side.

Unfortunately, too many politicians have also been propagandized by the emotional but illogical message that "gay marriage" is part of a glorious new civil rights movement and that homosexuality represents a class of people similar to race. Our experience has been that the politicians need to be confronted with the cold hard truths about how this behavior (and its activists) affect regular people.

Some of the Maryland activists are particulary articulate and unwilling to succumb to pressure to moderate their views.  Here is one of the activists who's been on our MassResistance conference call:

Maryland pro-marriage activist Robert Braudus tells it exactly like it is!

See video HERE

(NOTE the vicious comments below the video by homosexual activists.)

Here's a letter to the editor that the Washington Post published that says a lot about the sleazy tactics going on. We're surprised they published it.

Who's demonizing who?
Letter to the Editor - Washington Post
Feb. 18, 2011

When I devoted an entire day to come to Annapolis and engage in a civil debate on the same-sex marriage bill on Feb. 8, I never envisioned receiving such an insensitive and denigrating response from any elected official as the one I received from Sen. James Brochin. Brochin mischaracterized everyone who spoke in opposition to the bill by saying, “witness after witness demonized homosexuals, vilified the gay community, and described gays and lesbians as pedophiles,” a quote The Post has now repeated in its Feb. 17 editorial, “Make Maryland a Free State.”

What I saw, however, were people from various walks of life showing compassion for the children of Maryland and defending the faith tradition of marriage that has built our society. I heard from people who have done extensive research in marriage make convincing arguments that the traditional family is the best environment for nurturing our next generation. I witnessed those in the African American community taking offense at the use of the term “civil rights” in reference to this bill, as they had endured severe oppression that gay men and lesbians have never experienced.

It is unfortunate that The Post has spread inflammatory rhetoric against opponents. This is serving to agitate many Maryland citizens who may already feel that their elected officials are not listening to them. In more than 30 states where there has been a vote on same-sex marriage, the people have consistently rejected it. These Maryland citizens are more than ready to sign a petition to get this issue on the ballot.

Robert Nelson, Gaithersburg