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Ex-gays made huge impression Friday at Maryland "gay marriage" public hearing


POSTED: March 4, 2011

The February 25 public hearing on "gay marriage" at the Maryland House committee lasted past 9 pm. and went unbelievably well, especially compared to the Senate hearing, we were told. This time the homosexual side was less represented (maybe because they were over-confident) and the pro-family side came in huge numbers. "It was a great day of a lot of great testimony," one activist told us. "We had very compelling speakers with completely irrefutable arguments."

Pro-family panel: Below, from left to right: Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council, Greg Quinlan, Jordan Lorence of Alliance Defense Fund, and Anthony Falzerano.

There were many excellent pro-family speakers from across the spectrum -- all races, religions, and occupations. Even a lot of pro-family attorneys spoke. It was an outpouring from across the state rarely seen before.

But at the center of the pro-family testimony were very powerful presentations by ex-gays.  Their presentations seemed to even overwhelm the committee members. Their thorough refutation of the "born that way" lie, which is the basis of the homosexual movement's "gay marriage" propaganda machine, really appeared to ring a bell.

These two videos of ex-gay testimony at Friday's hearing are really worth watching. They are both wonderful speakers:

VIDEO:  GREG QUINLAN Testimony - Ex gay.
Is also president of PFOX. Gives interesting statistics.

Includes great discussion of the homosexual movement in America.