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Local Boston Fox-TV affiliate intimidates convenience store over gay "kiss-in" incident

Tactic to harass and force acceptance of behavior

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POSTED: April 12, 2011

The power of the media can be quite frightening. Last week the local Fox affiliate in Boston helped push the homosexual agenda and intimidate people with traditional values.

As we've mentioned before, although the national Fox network is considered to be conservative, the local Fox TV affiliates in major cities around the country are often the most aggressively liberal, particularly regarding the homosexual and transgender issues. Their extreme bias is often far more than the other local stations.  We've certainly seen that in Boston, and also in Chicago and other major cities. But this scares even us.

The gay "kiss-in" tactic to harrass and intimidate

For several years in Boston, young homosexual activists occasionally go into bars, restaurants, and stores in town and stage "kiss-ins" to test (and incite) the reaction of the management and patrons. (This has also started to happen with cross-dressing men.) 

They come prepared to contact cooperative media and/or government tribunals to punish anyone who reacts negatively. Of course, the natural reaction to two men kissing each other is revulsion. But these days businesses know they have to endure it. Thanks to the state's sexual orientation laws which cover public accommodations (which, sadly, conservatives often support) homosexual activists can and do strike back with impunity.  It's how they force acceptance of their behaviors on society.

A Harvard Square convenience store clerk reacts to provocation

In this case, two homosexuals started kissing each other in a convenience store in Harvard Square at 3 am. The night clerk, being normal, was disgusted and threw them out. The TV station was called, and the next day they went right to work. The public "show trial" went on, and the store manager was forced to grovel and beg for forgiveness.

The homosexual activists had made their point loud and clear across New England. This is just the beginning, from what we hear from our friends in Britain and other places.

Fox News describes "a couple" that was "the victim of homophobia."

Fox TV supports men kissing

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