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Exclusive MassResistance video: Congressman Anthony Weiner in bizarre NY Gay Pride Parade

In his element . . . Reveals the disturbing mindset of liberal politicians

POSTED: June 19, 2011

Most people would never choose to be seen alongside people publicly acting out displays of perversion or sexual degradation. But there's something about liberal politicians that attracts them to such behavior; they even revel in it.

The recently revealed bizarre antics of disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner are more understandable when you watch this exclusive MassResistance video by Amy Contrada, from the 2008 New York Gay Pride parade. You'll see Weiner comfortably appearing in the midst of some of the most sickening public performances you could imagine.

If being around this stuff is no problem, the crotch photos that Weiner took of himself probably seem to him like nothing at all. This kind of mentality disturbing, to say the least. But it's sadly pervasive in the modern urban culture, publicly seen in its most exaggerated form at gay "pride" parades and events. Somehow, the media coverage of the Weiner saga completely ignored how (homo)sexual politics has coarsened our lives.

(Don't miss the cameo appearance by Sen. Chuck Schumer, Weiner's political mentor. We wonder what we'll be finding out about him.)

This is the mindset of not only Weiner but of an appalling number of high-ranking left-wing elected officials. Here in Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick has even marched in the Boston "gay pride" parade just in front of BDSM/leather fetishists with his teenage daughter!

For an interesting take on this attraction to perversion by liberal politicians, Howie Carr's column in Friday's Boston Herald, as usual, tells it like it is: Poor Anthony Weiner, wasn't he just 'fitting in'?