Pro-family activism that makes a difference!

MassResistance helping in battles around the country this week in Rhode Island & New York. Also Minnesota, Illinois, California.

POSTED: May 18, 2011

There's a LOT going on across the country. It's as if we're all under seige. MassResistance is in contact with pro-family activists and organizations all over America, and even in other countries, and we're getting involved as much as we can. Here's some of the latest:

RHODE ISLAND (1): Last week the House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on a terrible Domestic Partnership bill. MassResistance was at the Rhode Island State House to testify. We also worked with Rhode Island activists. We will have a full report, plus video, of that. The committee will be voting on it this week.

RHODE ISLAND (2): Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on their "transgender rights" bill. MassResistance has supplied activists with material for their testimony.

NEW YORK: This week the New York Senate is poised to vote on a "gay marriage" bill. Horribly, key Republican legislators have been caving in on this right and left. Even wealthy Republican donors, such as the publisher of the "conservative" Manhattan Institute, have jumped ship and are funding the "gay marriage" push. (See New York Times article HERE.) Over the past week MassResistance has been working with Orthodox Rabbis (both in New York and as far away as Israel) on strategy and other help to mobilize people in key districts. (More may be announced soon.)

Also . . .

MINNESOTA: On the good news front, the Republican-controlled Minnesota House of Representatives is poised to vote this week on a state-wide referendum for an anti-gay marriage Constitutional Amendment. It has already passed the Minnesota Senate. (See news report here.) MassResistance got a call this past week from a key activist who wants us to get involved right away.

ILLINOIS: Pro-family citizens from across Illinois, led by Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth, are gearing up for a state-wide non-binding referendum on state's recently passed Domestic Partner law. Brian Camenker of MassResistance recently led part of a conference call session of key statewide activists, and may come and do a pro-marriage tour across the state.

CALIFORNIA: Brian Camenker of MassResistance was interviewed yesterday by American Family Radio on our reaction to the "Harvey Milk Day" activities being forced on California residents.

Brian Camenker of MassResistance outside of the Rhode Island State House last week just before the Domestic Partnership bill hearing. (Full report coming up.)