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This Tuesday: Great Tea Party / pro-family candidate Jim Dixon running in special Mass. State Rep election.

Phoning, standouts, etc., help welcome -- see number to call below!

POSTED: May 8, 2011

Back in January, the Governor appointed State Rep. Peter Koutoujian (D-Waltham) as Middlesex County Sheriff. Koutoujian was a liberal's liberal, who once told the Boston Globe how much he admired Castro's Cuba for its universal health care, education, and housing. (We'll see how that philosophy fits the sheriff's office.)\

This Tuesday, May 10, there is a special election in Koutoujian's 10th Middlesex District, which includes parts of Waltham, Watertown, and Newton. 

A store window on Main Street in Waltham.

Candidate Jim Dixon, a Republican, is the real thing -- we can't stress that enough. He's a true conservative, a Tea Party guy, a solid Catholic, and very smart. He's also a Navy veteran and a commercial pilot. You can find out more about him at his campaign website. Getting a guy like him in the Legislature would be wonderful. He will help change Massachusetts back to normal.


VIDEO: Here's some video we took of Jim addressing a Greater Waltham Tea Party rally on the Waltham Common.

His opponent: typical Massachusetts liberal pol

Dixon's Democrat opponent John Lawn, a Watertown Town Councilor, who has the backing of the Democratic machine. How liberal is Lawn? Well, according to one news report his proud accomplishments include equipping the new Watertown Police Station with geothermal heating and waterless urinals. (Don't ask us how those work.) Yep, Lawn will get along just fine on Beacon Hill. That's what scares us.

Waltham, Watertown and Newton have generally been electing Democrats to the State House, but this could be different. Jim Dixon ran against Koutoujian for this seat in 2010, and got some good momentum. He's from Waltham, which is 70% of the district. And this time he's running an extremely good campaign with a lot of great people on board.

YOU can help Jim get elected on Tuesday!

We encourage EVERYONE -- no matter where you live -- who has a little time Monday or Tuesday to volunteer. You can (1) make calls; or if you're close enough, on Tuesday you can (2) hold signs; or (3) help with poll-watching (they'll teach you how). 

To get involved, contact Jay Dwyer at 603-560-1787 or