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Jim Dixon loses to John Lawn. Overcome by huge push by Democrats and Unions.

. . . and Republican Party apathy

POSTED: May 18, 2011

As we reported last week, Jim Dixon was an outstanding Tea Party / pro-family candidate who we felt could surprise people and take last Tuesday's special State Rep election in the 10th Middlesex. But there were forces were against him that simply couldn't be overcome.

That day there were two special elections for Massachusetts State Representative. In the 10th Middlesex (Waltham, Newton, Watertown), Republican Jim Dixon lost to Democrat John Lawn by 1,814 to 868.

And in the 6th Worcester (Charlton, E. Brookfield, Southbridge) - in a race which had originally been declared a tie last November -- Republican Peter Durant beat Rep. Geraldo Alicia 3,325-3,269, with an independents getting 1,346 votes.

Both races had very low turnouts. State rep districts have approximately 40,000 residents.

Dixon put up a good fight against big forces

The Democratic Party and the labor unions, particularly the teachers union, poured enormous resources into the 10th Middlesex election. They spent an estimated $100,000, which bought 15 district-wide mailings, newspaper ads, and more. The unions set up a huge phone-bank effort and did sign standouts in the days leading up to the election. In all three cities the Democratic Party used its database of city officials and employees to get signs in hundreds of yards.

Jim Dixon had help from local Tea Party and Republican City Committee activists and a cadre of great volunteers. But as one of Dixon's coordinators told us, the State Republican Party was less than enthusiastic. "They basically gave us $500 and said 'good luck'." We suspect that Jim was too conservative for that bunch.

We hope we haven't heard the last of Jim Dixon!

It was a lonely day at this Waltham polling place. We hung around for over half an hour and saw no voters or even sign holders. Just a lonely cop walking around.