Pro-family activism that makes a difference!

Lesbian activist appointed to Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

In April, 2011, appellate Court Judge Barbara Lenk, an "out" lesbian with a troubling history of biased statements and activism, was appointed and confirmed to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Pro-family citizens who expressed concerns were demeaned and insulted by public officials and in the media.


Five part report:


1. Governor appoints lesbian for political reasons

"A first," and a way to mold society

2. Why Lenk was unsuitable for Supreme Judicial Court

A disturbing history of bias and activism

3. Boston Globe's aggressive PR campaign for Lenk

Attacking pro-family citizens who disagree

4. At public hearing: Outrageous anti-family hostility!

By public officials running the hearing.

5. At confirmation vote: More anti-family hostility!

Outrageous, offensive statements by elected officials