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Lesbian judge Lenk confirmed 5-3 for SJC.  Council member Marilyn Devaney states that pro-family testimony on homosexuality should be banned!

Councilor Jennie Caissie calls pro-family testimony "irrevelent and ignorant"

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POSTED: May 8, 2011

On Wednesday the elected Governor’s Council met to vote on the nomination of Barbara Lenk to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

As MassResistance has reported and documented, Lenk is an "out" lesbian activist with troubling record of activism. She brings a stated philosophy that judges can “evolve” the law, and an apparent intent to promote social change from the bench.  Governor Patrick, who owes the homosexual lobby for its tireless support in his election, touted his nomination of Lenk as an important "first."

A battle of fear versus truth

Lenk's nomination was an immediate red flag for conservatives. Knowing that, the liberal establishment even more fiercely pushed her confirmation. Their fear tactics came out in force. If you mentioned anything about Lenk's "sexual orientation" then you were an ignorant bigot. That's been the public party line and it was largely effective.

Thus, just about all the Massachusetts pro-family groups stayed on the sidelines. Only MassResistance, the Catholic Action League, and Joe Ureneck’s fatherhood groups came to the hearing to testify, or participated in any meaningful way.  And in the media, only Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr was unafraid to tell the truth. Talk show host Jeff Katz was also vocal in opposition to Lenk, but he was careful to state that her “sexual orientation” didn’t bother him at all.

As we reported, the pro-family people who came to the public hearing were straightforward in their concerns. The testimony generally centered around (1) Lenk's pro-gay judicial record and her apparent bias toward the homosexual movement; (2) her public self-identification as an "out" lesbian in a same-sex "marriage" (thus supporting with the Goodridge decision) – and how that will be used in the public schools and elsewhere; (3) her pro-activist judicial philosophy; (4) concerns about her position on fathers' rights; and (5) her apparent support for the homosexual-themed (and anti-Semitic) play "Falsettos" produced at a local school.  

And of course, it's this same Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that gave us the "same-sex marriage" Goodridge decision -- the gold standard for radical judicial activism. It shouldn't be considered a surprise that these things would be on peoples' minds.

Anti-family hostility by elected officials

These seemed to be reasonable concerns regarding a judge who would be a final guardian of the Commonwealth’s civil rights. 

But members of the Governor’s Council obviously saw that differently. At the public hearing, a few of them took the unprecedented action of berating, insulting, and badgering the pro-family witnesses. As we reported, it was terrible.

. . . Which continued at the vote

Then on Wednesday, just before the vote, two others stood up to speak about the upcoming vote and continued that bizarre and offensive behavior.

Councilor Marilyn Devaney made the outrageous statement that people with pro-family values on homosexuality should not be allowed to speak at all.
Devaney told the Council and the attendees: 

"I am not responsible for the public who spoke at that hearing. I don't know them. If I was presiding I would have gaveled out of order speakers who used demeaning and inappropriate language."

Councilor Marilyn Devany gets up tospeak just before vote at Governor's Council meeting.

Demeaning and inappropriate language from members of the public? That, of course, is a reference to the testimony of pro-family speakers that day. Well, excuse us for having traditional values and voicing our concerns about people who will be judges over us. And obviously Councilor Devaney has some issues with the First Amendment. This is among the most offensive things we've ever heard a public official say, and we’ve heard a lot.

And what about the Councilors who actually were demeaning and inappropriate to us? Apparently not a problem for Devaney.

Devaney also said that because the actions of people like us other qualified homosexuals were afraid to apply for judgeships, and that bothers her greatly.

But then Jennie Caissie, the newly elected Republican, was equally as offensive. She stood up right after Devaney and said,

"I want to begin by thanking Judge Lenk for her candid testimony at the hearing, for her professionalism, and her stoic presentation in the light of some very unprofessional and irrelevant questioning. I rise because I want to set the basis for my vote and distinguish myself from those irrelevant and ignorant questions."

"Irrelevant and ignorant?"  Again, this is incredibly outrageous. What arrogance. This woman, like Devaney, has no business being an elected official. The 2012 elections can’t come fast enough.

Republican Jennie Caissie calls pro-family opinions "irrevelant and ignorant."

Caissie went on to say that her main reason for voting against Lenk's confirmation was Lenk's answer to her questions on the Second Amendment.  We are supporters of the Second Amendment also, but that was very minor in this situation. In true RINO fashion, she completely missed the big picture.

VIDEO: Note in this video below Councilor Charles Cipollini was the only member willing to speak up on behalf of parents and citizens with traditional values. His speech in this video -- after Devaney and before Caissie -- is really refreshing. 


Speeches and vote at Governor's Council meeting May 4, 2011:

If you live in Massachusetts, brace yourselves for the worst.  (Thanks to this group of arrogant politically-correct hacks.)

The vote was 5-3.  Here's the tally:


Dist 1. Charles Cipollini
Dist 2. Kelly Timilty
Dist 3. Marilyn Devaney
Dist 4. Christopher Iannella
Dist 5. Mary Ellen Manning
Dist 6. Terrence Kennedy
Dist 7. Jennie Caissie
Dist 8. Thomas Merrigan

Probably YES (if attending)
Probably NO
YES (rubber stamp)
Probably NO
YES (rubber stamp)


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