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Local high school seeks principal by advertising in hardcore homosexual newspaper!

POSTED: May 8, 2011

How radical and severely anti-family have some public school systems become? Much more than you can imagine.

The town of Milton, Massachusetts is advertising in a hardcore homosexual newspaper for a new principal for Milton High School. The newspaper Bay Windows, published in Boston, has a history of perversion, anti-Catholic bigotry, hatred of traditional values, and general disgusting content. Over the years it has published some of the most vile anti-parent articles you could imagine.

Ad in the "help wanted" section of the April 7-13 issue of Bay Windows



Just to put things in perspective, here's another ad from that same issue of Bay Windows:

Milton actually was known for being fairly conservative, at one time. But obviously not now.

We don't know what else to say about this. It's complete madness. When a homosexual activist runs the school and all the staff, the indoctrination becomes institutionalized and religious freedom goes out the window. And the students (and their parents) are the ones who will have to deal with the consequences.

You can contact the Milton school officials HERE.

Parents need to confront their children's' schools when necessary. You MUST fight back. And why our David Parker Parents Rights Bill (more on that coming up) now filed in the Massachusetts Legislature, is desperately needed.