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Fighting back:

How MassResistance battled in NY State House against "gay marriage" bill

Told NY Senators what happened in Massachusetts

POSTED: June 28, 2011

At 11:30 pm last Tuesday night we got a frantic phone call. Earlier that day we had emailed a copy of our MassResistance paper "What same-sex 'marriage' did to Massachusetts" to major pro-family activists at the New York State House in Albany. The same-sex "marriage" bill in the Senate was on the line. They were making copies to hand-deliver to every Senator. Could Brian Camenker from MassResistance come to Albany the next morning and personally describe to them what New York can expect if this bill passes?

Pro-family battlers in the State House. Left to right: Camenker, Pastor Tre Stanton of Empire Christian Center, Rev. Jason McGuire of New Yorker's Family Research Foundation, Anthony Falzarano of PFM Ministries.

By 10:30 am the Wednesday morning Camenker was in the New York State House meeting with pro-family leaders. It was an unbelievable scene. The hallways outside the Senate chambers were lined with screaming sign-waving homosexual activists, but also fearless pro-family activists with their own signs and songs and chants, holding their own right next to them.

This was the scene most of the day in the halls outside the Senate.

For most of the day the Christian activists -- mostly Hispanic, black, and Evangelicals from churches across New York, plus some Orthodox Jews -- poured into the hallways and outnumbered (and overwhelmed) the homosexual contingent. Nevertheless, the homosexuals constantly attempted to intimidate, insult, and otherwise harass those who disagreed with them. One of them even grabbed and shoved Anthony Falzarano, an ex-gay who flew up from Florida whose message they particularly despised. (The police were there and saw it, but did nothing.) The gay activists also brought kids; one brought a child about 7 years old with a sign saying "God mad me queer."

Over the course of the day, Camenker spoke personally with several Senators. Just about all of them said they'd already been given the pamphlet and read at least some of it. Camenker reiterated to them, point by point, what happened in Massachusetts and what their constituents could expect if they passed this bill. They paid attention and mostly seemed moved.

One could tell that the concept of schools openly teaching elementary school kids that men can "marry" other men was making most of them uncomfortable.

Most of them also said they'd never seen this much intensity in the State House over one bill. But you could tell most of them just wanted to get it all over with.

The one Republican we spoke to who openly supported the bill, Sen. James Alesi, was very condescending and basically just repeated the homosexual lobby's talking points on "civil rights".

Camenker (left) describing to Sen. James Alesi (left) what New York can expect if "gay marriage" passes as New York Times reporter (center) looks on.

Alesi was the first Republican to "flip" after pressure from the Governor and homosexual lobby.

It was definitely an eerie feeling. The Republicans seemed in a daze over this, not really wanting to engage the issue, and seemingly tone deaf on the moral aspects of how they were about to redefine society.

As we described in our analysis of the "gay marriage" vote, it was a Democrat, Sen. Ruben Diaz, who was carrying the flag for traditional marriage while the Republicans basically stood around just wanting it all to go away.

TV NEWS VIDEO: That evening Camenker apeared on local NBC-TV news in Albany: He made it clear why "gay marriage" was a dangerous idea.

Camenker on local NBC-TV in Albany NY

The whole week was like D-Day. The Republicans were getting hit hard from all sides. Through most of the week, though, we felt that the momentum was with us and we would prevail. They had the power to stop it at any time. We were winning the emotional battle in the hallways. Would their courage hold out? In the end the Republican collapse that we feared became a reality.

Fighting back . . .

Anthony Falzarano's sign REALLY angered the homosexual activists.

Dueling signs

This is basically how the homosexual movement handles criticism and debate.

Some pro-family signs were more direct than others.