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Graphic homosexual sex flier given to kids at state-supported "youth pride" event

What the homosexual movement's claim to teach kids "tolerance" is really about.

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CAUTION: THE MATERIAL BELOW is gross and disgusting. We are publishing it "as is" to show what is being given to kids as young as middle-school age at state-supported events.

Kids at the state-sponsored "youth pride" on May 14, 2011 in Boston were encouraged to gather in front of tables set up by various adult homosexual organizations under the line of tents.

When schoolchildren are brought to a state-sponsored "youth" event promoted by their schools (and personally endorsed by the Governor), you'd think that there would be some sense of "appropriateness" involved. Not when it comes to the homosexual movement.

Why does this group have a table at a state-sponsored youth event?

Homosexual activists always insist that their involvement with middle-school and high-school kids is all about promoting "tolerance" and "feeling safe" from bullies and "homophobes" -- and not about sex. But what really happens at these activities?

Pamphlet given to kids at
"youth pride"

In fact, when it comes to kids (including middle school students), what the homosexual groups really mean by "safety" is how to "safely" perform homosexual sex acts. Their term is actually "safer sex" because there is really no safe way to do most of these things. When it comes to kids, their obsession really is about talking sex with them.
 At the "youth pride celebration" on the Boston Common, kids are encouraged to gather around tables set up by various adult homosexual organizations under a line of narrow tents and pick up their materials, meet the adult group coordinators, etc. (More on these tables and the groups in an upcoming report.)
 Here is a prime example of what the kids pick up on these tables: a flier given out by the Boston-based "Bisexual Resource Center."  "Bisexual Resource Center." It is a comprehensive guide to "Safer Sex for Bisexuals and their Partners." It coaches kids to do some incredibly disgusting sex acts "safely" (using coarse, vulgar language).
 This pamphlet describes how to "safely" engage in homosexual oral sex, anal sex, and other behaviors. You can read more below. What kind of "safety" is this?


Pamphlet opens up to slick, vulgar instructions on how to "safely" perform homosexual sex acts.

Here is what this pamphlet is telling your kids about:

In its own words . . .

  • Sex with Fingers and Hands ("fingering" "fisting"). "If one person's vaginal fluids, cum, or anal juices get on or in the other partner, they could be at risk for getting an STI. . . Use a different hand or glove . . . use lots of lube. Take off any jewelry that could scratch the vagina or anus.


  • Oral Sex on a Vagina ("cunnilingus" "eating out")
    Oral Sex on a Penis ("giving head" fellatio" "sucking off")
    Oral Sex on an Anus ("rimming" "analingus")


  • Sex with Penetration ("fucking" "having sex" "intercourse")
    Sex without Penetration ("rubbing" "dry humping" "outercourse")


  • The Tools: "When putting a penis, fingers, or a sex toy inside a vagina or anus, using lots of water based lubricant can lower friction a lot, make sex more pleasurable, and help keep a condom from breaking.


The pamphlet says it's published by the Fenway Community Health Center, a homosexual-oriented "health" organization which gets enormous public funding.

Casual photos of the "Bisexual Resource Group" table during event show pamphlets (1) in holder to the left of "It's not a phase it's my life" shirt" and (2) under group's business cards on other side of table. There may have been another pile also.