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Gay Youth Pride Day in Boston -- a day of adult-led depravity with vulnerable kids

Cross-dressing and transgenderism a major push this year

POSTED: May 18, 2011

If you think that the escalation of homosexuality in the US military is bad, wait till you see what the homosexual movement is doing with public school children. And make no mistake: What's happening here will soon be across the country.

This past Saturday, May 14, was the annual "Youth Pride Day" in Massachusetts. It started out with a "celebration" and youth parade on the Boston Common, and finished that evening with a gay/transgender youth "prom" in Boston City Hall, thanks to Boston Mayor Menino.

As usual, it was organized by the taxpayer-supported Massachusetts Commission for GLBT Youth (and their various front groups) who recruited kids from schools across the state through their involvement in the "gay clubs" in schools.



[At right: This is the message the homosexual movement is giving your kids. (MassResistance photos)]

This year's event was one of the worst we've seen. It is more heavily into the transgender movement than ever. We almost don't know where to start. Among the things we saw (and documented) were:

  • "Transgender" and cross-dressing middle-aged adults as well as children.  The transgender adults mingled freely with the kids and were involved throughout the event, even giving hugs and autographs.
  • Tables with anal sex lubricant, specialty condoms, and other paraphernalia given out to kids. Also literature on homosexual sex.
  • Information table leading kids to a support group for transgender "sex workers" (i.e., prostitutes).
  • "Tans Rights Now" rallying cry by kids and adults in marching in the parade. 
  • And much more.

Unbelievably, besides being supported by your tax dollars, the Governor issued a proclamation supporting the day's event, the City of Boston issued a proclamation supporting it, and at least one government agency had a table at it. And of course, the Boston Police guarded the event and at times harassed pro-family people (after being identified by the organizers) who were trying to take photos, even though they were on public property. (Pro-gay people were freely allowed to photograph everything.)

Yes, this is a boy. This is how these activists see your sons.

FULL report coming up in installments

We have so much material on that event that our complete report will be coming in several installments. So watch the MassResistance website. We predict you will be shocked and outraged.