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Media blackout: Boston Herald refuses to cover disgusting "It Gets Better" controversy

Herald reporter calls it "contrived"!

POSTED: September 2, 2011

A major reason why the Boston Red Sox (and others) can get away with promoting the explicit homosexuality of "It Gets Better" to kids is that the major Boston newspapers, and the media in general, refuse to report on it.

Even the Boston Herald's "Pulse" doesn't dare cover tough subjects like homosexuality.

The media has consistently avoided covering the homosexual movement in the schools for years, despite what we continue to expose. But one would think that something as outrageous as this would be an exception. Unfortunately, the blackout has only gotten worse.

In particular, the major newspapers in Boston (Boston Globe, the Boston Herald) simply will not write about situations which expose the destructive nature of the homosexual movement.

On August 16 we called up Christine McConville, the reporter at the Herald who covers "health" and "traditional value" issues there. She's written extensively about the state-run "MariaTalks" website which pro-life groups have complained about, and the recent birth control mandates being imposed on Catholic hospitals by the Obama administration.

We also emailed her the information about It Gets Better and the Red Sox. She told us she had looked at and agreed it was very disturbing. She said she'd have to check with her editors, and we should call back the next day. The following afternoon when we called back, her demeanor was different. She was quite terse. She said that our allegation about It Gets Better seemed "contrived" and that the Herald wouldn't be covering it. She clearly no longer thought it was a problem worth reporting about. She wouldn't talk about it any further.

The problem: homosexuality, the forbidden subject

We think that the problem is homosexuality. Back in April, McConville wrote a series of "expose" articles about the state-run "MariaTalks" website aimed at kids, which was giving out abortion information. (This came after complaints from Mass. Citizens for Life.) Her articles gave the impression that the MariaTalks website was all about abortion. But a larger part of that site leads kids to discussions of deviant sex and the normalization of homosexuality, which are at least as infuriating. But McConville neglected to mention that in her coverage.

Front page of Boston Herald, April 20, 2011, on McConville's "expose" of the MariaTalks website.

McConville isn't alone, of course. Last week we also called up Joe Fitzgerald at the Herald and Jeff Jacoby at the Globe, and left messages about "It Gets Better" and the Red Sox. Both of them are "conservative" columnists who ought to be writing about this. So far, no calls back.

Daily ad in Boston Herald. Of course, the Herald has no problem making money from the homosexual movement. This ad appears in the paper's classified section practically every day.

(Do you suppose they'd accept an ad offering help to leave the homosexual lifestyle?)

The Boston Globe's approach: downplay to absurd levels

A month ago the Boston Globe was upset that several liberal Massachusetts politicians had endorsed It Gets Better, but Scott Brown refused. The Globe was compelled to mention Brown's reason, but their approach was to downplay the depraved, pornographic nature of Dan Savage's comments to the point of absurdity.

In its main article, Mass. delegation says "It Gets Better", the reporter simply says:

The It Gets Better Project was founded by Dan Savage, a provocative sex columnist who frequently criticizes social conservatives.

(Actually, the Globe writers probably are so disconnected with reality that they really think this way!)

Then a few days later the Globe -- still angry -- published an editorial about it that was a little stronger, but still basically lied about the content:

Brown: A missed chance to send a message
Boston Globe Editorial
August 02, 2011

Recently, nearly every member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation took part in a video for the It Gets Better Project, an organization that provides encouragement for gay and lesbian youth facing bullying and harassment in school. The one exception was Senator Scott Brown, the delegation's sole Republican. While Brown's participation would have been meaningful, it's easy to see at least one reason why he might hesitate.

The founder of the It Gets Better Project, syndicated advice columnist Dan Savage, has made crass comments about a hypothetical "Scott Brown action figure'' - comments that were indeed, as a spokesman for the senator termed it, "vile and sexually crude.'' And while the project is a genuine service to bullied teens, Savage's column isn't for everyone, and his criticisms of Republicans make him a polarizing figure.

Crass comments? A genuine service to bullied teens? What planet are they on? Those "crass comments" involved inserting a "Scott Brown action figure" in someone's rectum. And that's just the beginning of the depravity.

That's the problem: It's all about hypocrisy. It's not that Globe doesn't know what's really behind it. It's that it refuses to talk about it honestly. If you were to read all the articles in the mainstream media (and not MassResistance!) about "It Gets Better" you'd have barely a clue what it was really about.

It's time to stop the media blackout on the truth.


People to contact:

Christine McConville: (At Herald main number: 617-426-3000) 

Boston Herald Newsroom:  617-619-6461   News Tips web form

Joe Fitzgerald, Herald Columnist: (At Herald main number: 617-426-3000)

Jeff Jacoby , Globe Columnist: (At Globe main number: 617-929-2000) 

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