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Fans complain to Red Sox about "It Gets Better" project

Email from fan to Red Sox - and the answer from Red Sox


Email sent to the Red Sox:

From: [Red Sox fan]
Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2011
Subject: Homosexual ad

Hi:-----I recently heard something very disturbing. The Red Sox have a video telling young kids it's all right to be a homosexual (or somethng to that effect...?). Why in heaven's name would you do that? By any normal standards homosexuality is immoral and disgusting, so I don't understand why you would want to be responsible for leading anyone into such a destructive lifestyle. I know all about this bullying stuff and I am just as much opposed to bullying as anyone else. But to use this as a cover to subtly promote the views of a sexual deviant like the guy who sponsors "It Gets Better" is totally without excuse. I have read some of his blog comments that are so filthy I could not repeat them here.It's good to be against bullying and kids committing suicide--but it's even better to have intelligence enough to investigate programs before you lend your good name to them. You could be doing more harm than good.

And the reply from Red Sox management:

(NOTE: Canned email does not even address fans concerns.)

From: Derick, Phil <>
To: [Red Sox fan]
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2011 16:47
Subject: RE: bos - Other - None - Homosexual ad

Dear [Red Sox fan]:

Thanks very much for your input regarding the It Gets Better video. The Red Sox organization takes the issue of bullying seriously. It is something that has touched many of us and those we love, and it is a growing problem in our community. It is an issue that is particularly important to a 12-year-old fan in Nashua, NH, whose uncle passed away in an accident while on vacation, and the young man decided to pay tribute to his uncle by asking the Red Sox to produce an “It Gets Better” video message. The Red Sox have frequently done PSA videos, or public service announcement videos, on important social issues, and we made the decision to join with this young man and several other MLB teams to produce an “It Gets Better” video to support this campaign, whose goal is to stop bullying of LGBT youth and teen suicides. This video, we hope, will both reflect our continued commitment to be active participants in the community and help advance the efforts of our young fan from NH and others to stop bullying. Our team stands for respect and inclusion – there is no place for discrimination or acts of hatred in Red Sox Nation.

Phil Derick
Fenway Ambassador
Boston Red Sox

(Emphasis added)

NOTE: In fact, it was not simply the request of a single 12-year-old. As the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows has described, the campaign to get the Red Sox to do the video was orchestrated by homosexual activists over a period of months. And the video was a collaboration with homosexual activists with Red Sox staff throughout its production.

Things just ain't like they used to be. Today's Red Sox players, staff, and management are largely liberals who support the general left-wing agenda. Many of them are multi-millionaires who hang out with glitzy liberals and are disconnected with average parents trying to raise their kids. They are likely supportive of the homosexual agenda or at best indifferent to how it affects children, their families, or society.