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Unbelievable: Boston Red Sox manager, 2 players make video supporting pro-gay "It Gets Better" project targeting kids

Website leads kids to homosexal pornography, gay activist groups

POSTED: August 12, 2011

Red Sox manager Terry Francona and star players Jason Varitek and Kevin Youkilis are featured in a well-polished video put out by the Boston Red Sox last month to support the homosexual websites It Gets Better and The Trevor Project which target troubled kids with a pro-homosexual (and transgender) message. "It Gets Better" was founded by Dan Savage, an anti-Christian homosexual activist pornographer with a history of angry, extremely obscene attacks on various conservative public figures.

          MassResistance report on "It Gets Better" and "The Trevor Project"

The video, posted on the Red Sox website and also on YouTube, uses emotional language by the baseball celebrities to reinforce the subliminal message that kids should be who they are -- i.e., born gay (or transgender) -- and feel free to continue to act out their homosexuality, because eventually as a gay or trans adult they will have a wonderful life. As Varitek tells kids "It's OK to be your own unique being . . . It gets better."

Emotional VIDEO made by Boston Red Sox supporting It Gets Better and The Trevor Project

The video is very slick in the way it pulls kids in. The players are interspersed with young "gay" kids who appeal to any kids who may feel bullied or troubled in any way, and they say to them, "If you need help call the Trevor Project" -- which leads kids to homosexual groups, gay-sex oriented books and movies, and gay-friendly counseling services.

The subtle but powerful theme: If you stick it out with your gay (or trans) identity, it gets better for you as an adult. One unidentified (presumably gay) adult says, "Once you make your way through the hard part, the rest of life is so much more fantastic than anything you can imagine." After that, Terry Francona says "You have your whole life ahead you." It ends with a "gay" child stating again: "It gets better."

Why would the Red Sox do this?

On July 1, when the video was released, the Boston Globe reported that the Red Sox senior vice president for public affairs said that the organization is "proud" and "honored" to support the "It Gets Better" project, and that several members of the Red Sox staff were involved, along with local homosexual activists.

Disturbing collaboration "for the  kids." Front page of June 2 issue of Boston homosexual newspaper Bay Windows. Red Sox management made video at request of local homosexual activists, and worked closely with them in creating it. 

Knowing the extremely offensive statements of the It Gets Better founder, and the highly controversial nature of the message, one would think that a major league baseball team would steer clear of this.

But in fact, according to an insider we talked to, most of the Red Sox players, staff, and management are pro-Obama liberals who support the left-wing agenda.

People like Terry Francona, Jason Varitek, and Kevin Youkilis are multi-millionaires who hang out with glitzy liberals and are disconnected with average parents trying to raise their kids. They are likely supportive of the homosexual agenda or at best indifferent to how it affects children, their families, or society. A few years ago, when the "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" stars collaborated with the Red Sox, Varitek worked closely with them, we were told.

One wonders whether they find Dan Savage's vile comments about Rick Santorum, Pastor Rick Warren, Michele Bachman, and Scott Brown amusing, rather than offensive.


Is this the message that the Boston Red Sox should be sending to impressionable young people?

     CALL the Red Sox office:    877-733-7699 ext 4 (Fan Services)

     CONTACT the Red Sox through their website

We telephoned the Boston Red Sox offices and spoke to someone in "Fan Services." He knew about the video and listened politely to our list of concerns about it. He didn't sound too interested in pursuing the issue, but told us that someone would look into it. Our sense is that they need to hear from a lot more people.

This is more serious than they probably realize. For example, a local father who coached Little League for several years was very upset when he heard this, and made this emotional observation:

"Baseball is one of those games that almost every boy plays at sometime in his life. And there's a very close relationship between the boys and the coaches. The Red Sox giving out a very bad message. Homosexuality doesn't fit there. It's just wrong."

It is wrong. Something needs to be done. Please don't depend on other people to do it!