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Boston Red Sox to parents: If you hold traditional values on homosexuality and kids, you're a hater

Digs in on "It Gets Better" campaign

POSTED: September 2, 2011

After a three-week flood of calls, letters, and emails about their public support for the vulgar, homosexual website "It Gets Better," the Boston Red Sox are digging in. They are defending their action, and are accusing those who complain of supporting "discrimination" and "acts of hatred."

A vile homosexual website claiming to be "anti-bullying" & "anti-suicide"

It Gets Better is run by a homosexual pornographer who has written about inserting a "Scott Brown action figure" up one's rectum, says that he wishes Republicans "were all f---ing dead", compares well-known conservatives to anal sex acts, and more.

It purports to be an "anti-bullying and anti-suicide" website, but is anything but that. It Gets Better is as blatantly phony as anything we've ever seen.

The site itself and its companion site lead kids to homosexual pornography and homosexual groups with a history of targeting kids with graphic homosexual material. Far from "helping" troubled kids, these sites would add considerably to their psychological and medical trauma.  

Here are a few of the books recommended for troubled youth through "It Gets Better."

"Puppy Love"
- Described by reviewer as "perhaps the world's first gay BDSM coming-of-age novel." [sadomasochism]

"Desert Sons" - Story about steamy teenage homosexual love and sex.

In addition, the message that's repeated to kids is that if you're upset because you've become involved with homosexual or transgender behavior, keep doing it because "it gets better" when you become an adult.

     See full MassResistance report on "It Gets Better"

Promoted by Boston Red Sox as a resource for troubled youth!

For a professional baseball team to be promoting this is appalling.

Recap: On July 1, the Boston Red Sox produced a slick, professional video starring manager Terry Francona and players Jason Varitek and Kevin Youkilis telling kids that if they feel "troubled" or bullied they should go to the "It Gets Better" websites. And several times they repeated the homosexual activist mantra to youth who are involved with homosexual behavior and don't like it: "It gets better."

VIDEO: Slick video by Boston Red Sox organization promoting homosexual website for kids.

Red Sox ignore flood of complaints and info on site, dig in heels

One thing we know: The Red Sox by now certainly understand why people are upset. Over the last three weeks the organization has been flooded with complaints -- many of them quite descriptive -- via phone, email, and US mail. We have personally talked to their representatives and explained in detail what that site entails. We also mailed a fairly descriptive letter to the Red Sox vice president of public relations.

     MassResistance letter to Red Sox VP of public relations (So far no reply.)

But instead of doing the right thing, the reaction by the Red Sox has been to dig in their heels.

The Red Sox people we talked to have reacted much the same way that liberal school officials, politicians, reporters, and others react. When confronted with this obscene, graphic material being presented to kids, they initially act a little shocked, but you can quickly tell that it doesn't really bother them. Sometimes they'll give lip service to "telling people higher up." But it's clear they're not particularly interested in it -- and that they think we're the kooks for pursuing it. (Does all this seem familiar?)

As a gesture of defiance, the Red Sox now have the It Gets Better video as an "Editor's Choice" on their movie page.

They've also written a rather insulting canned statement which they send to complainers as a reply. It does not address our concerns but instead accuses us of supporting "discrimination" and "acts of hatred."

For example, one email from the Red Sox reads:

Thanks very much for your input regarding the It Gets Better video. The Red Sox organization takes the issue of bullying seriously. It is something that has touched many of us and those we love, and it is a growing problem in our community. . . Our team stands for respect and inclusion - there is no place for discrimination or acts of hatred in Red Sox Nation.

Read entire email, plus original email from fan which it replies to

See letter from Red Sox executive received by a fan

Liberals happily disconnected from reality

If any of us ran a business and the public pointed out that we were helping push homosexual pornography on children, we would be very upset to say the least. But not the Boston Red Sox.

Instead, one wonders whether they find Dan Savage's vile comments about Rick Santorum, Pastor Rick Warren, Michele Bachman, and Scott Brown amusing, rather than offensive.

But worse, the Boston Red Sox are helping the radical homosexual movement push their depraved agenda on troubled kids, many of whom probably need real help. They seem fine with that. By any rational measure, this is simply evil.

As we've pointed out, things ain't like they used to be. Today's Red Sox players, staff, and management are largely liberals who support the general left-wing agenda. Many of them are multi-millionaires who hang out with glitzy liberals and are disconnected with average parents trying to raise their kids. They are likely supportive of the homosexual agenda or at best indifferent to how it affects children, their families, or society.

And as we've shown, the Red Sox involvement with "It Gets Better" by Manager Terry Francona and players Jason Varitek and Kevin Youkilis was not an accident. It came as the result of being approached by local homosexual activists and was done as a willing collaboration with them throughout the whole process, as an "LGBT" project.

Most people would stay away from the radical Bay Windows crowd, but for the Red Sox it probably just seemed natural.


This unbelievable outrage must be halted. KEEP putting pressure on them:


Red Sox office: 877-733-7699 ext 4 (Fan Services)

Red Sox through their website

Phil Derick, Boston Red Sox "Fenway Ambassador," 
(Derick sens "canned" emails to people complaining.)

Kimberly Miner, Boston Red Sox "Fenway Ambassador,"  617-266-6591

Susan Goodenow, Vice President, Public Affairs
Boston Red Sox
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