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Next goal for LGBT movement: Force adoptions of kids to transgender/ cross-dressing "parents"!

POSTED: Oct 6, 2011

As we've said before: the homosexual movement is never satisfied. And children are a prime target.

And as we've also been saying, the "Massachusetts Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill"  and others like it being introduced across the country are ultimately not just about bathrooms.

As early as 2008, we reported on the Transgender Rights march in Northampton, Mass. and its push for adoptions by the transgender community.


Getting a head start in MA: In 2008 the Mass. Dept. of Social Services were at the Transgender Rights March giving out information on becoming foster parents.

The new national push

As the pro-family group Mission America revealed last week, the well-funded national homosexual advocacy group "Human Rights Campaign" is has a new goal in its jihad to change America. They want to force adoption agencies in all 50 states to be compelled to place kids in households with transgender or cross-dressing parents.

Human Rights Campaign logo for pushing "transgender rights" in adoption.

Slick but powerful approach

These people are experts by now pushing radical change in America. In this effort, they are starting out by setting up "informal" certification requirements (preliminarily called "benchmarks") for adoption agencies and then going around the country rating them on their "compliance."

These "requirements" currently include:

  • A "client non-discrimination statement" that "clearly bans discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender expression."
  • Recruitment materials (website, printed materials and activities) that reflect the commitment to attracting and serving "LGBT" (T=transgender) individuals and families.
  • Training all employees to work with "LGBT" clients.
  • Documenting and tracking placements of children with "LGBT" parents to show their progress with hard statistics.

Read HRC's "Benchmark" list here.

Read HRC's article about their effort to begin implementing these "benchmarks of cultural competency" in adoption agencies.

After that -- finishing the job

Once these are in place, the next step is to work both legislatively and behind the scenes in state executive offices to change state laws and administrative regulations to make these "informal" regulations formal and official in states across the country. And with that will be strict requirements and punishments for adoption agencies and their employees who are opposed.

Good people must fight back

This could be a terrible battle for the minds and emotional health of innocent children. It is absolutely necessary that good people be prepared to confront this early while you still can.

We will help you do this!