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What the media isn't telling you about the "Occupy Boston" protest

Communism, anarchism, pro-euthanasia, anti-Israel, & more. Similarities to "culture war" battle

POSTED: October 17, 2011

What the mainstream media reports tell you about the "Occupy Boston" protests is, as usual, only part of the story. MassResistance went down last week and found out the rest. We saw a political ideology of communism, socialism and anarchism, with additions of anti-Israel, pro-Muslim, law-breaking, and other radical advocacy. Plus, like so many left-wing venues after a few days, the park they've taken over is now filthy and smells of urine.

Dewey Square being occupied in downtown Boston

The "protesters" are portrayed as idealistic young people sacrificing for meaningful change in an economic crisis. But their real goals are more disturbing. The gushing support of them by politicians, their illegal preferential treatment, and their free pass in the media makes it all the more outrageous and frightening. It's reminiscent of the "culture wars" battles we've been facing for years.

It clearly illustrates the radical divide in America -- and what conservatives are up against.

The "Occupy Boston" protesters are illegally camping out in the "Dewey Square" public park in downtown Boston with the blessing and support of the liberal political establishment.

A couple of guys we ran into at in Occupy Boston

The protesters themselves, mostly twenty-something kids and some aging hippies, often talk in general and sometimes unintelligible terms about corporate greed, foreclosures, economic justice, and the like. That's what the media reports. But after a while the basis of their arguments boils down to re-distribution of wealth, socialism, collectivism, and the like. The capitalistic system itself is the problem, we're told. People should not be allowed to amass wealth beyond what they "need." And the literature being handed out there reflects that pretty clearly.

On the ground next to one of the tents. In between marches, probably.

Tea Party events offer literature on the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and discourses on private enterprise, small government, rule of law, and the importance of religious values to a free society. Occupy Boston offers copies of "Anarchist Communism: Its Basis and Principles." That appears to be their ideological grounding.


Here's what the literature tables had . . . (It ain't the Tea Party!)


At "Occupy Boston" they want to truly "change" America. But their goals are basically the same tired old radicalism that's caused untold misery around the world over the last century. That's because it's really a war against human nature and the human spirit; it's the  self-centered idea that they can create a utopia on earth if we all just force the "bad guys" out of the way. 

(See "The Black Book of Communism" for a record of the crimes, terror, and repression this this philosophy has brought to humanity, including almost 100 million known deaths.)

And along with that goes the belief throughout Occupy Boston that you can break laws for a higher good. This flier shows a sign "Arab Spring Meet American Fall" admonishing the protesters,

"Don't fetishize obedience to the law. Laws serve to protect the privileges of the wealthy and powerful; obeying them is not necessarily morally right - it may even be immoral . . . Not everyone is resigned to legalistic pacifism; some people still remember how to stand up for themselves."

Like so much of the left, it's all about feelings, and at the core it's all very self-centered and brimming with self-righteousness. The idea that they can simply take over a public park, use city electricity, use restroom facilities of local businesses, litter when they want, etc., and march through the streets when they wish because of their "greater good" is just taken for granted by everyone there. And the public has an obligation to accommodate them.

This was being handed out regarding an Occupy Boston event that evening.


One young man had a table gathering signatures for the legalized euthanasia "dying with dignity" petition. We reminded him that first modern state to legalize euthanasia was Germany under Adolf Hitler (and we all know where that led). His answer was, "I can see he had one thing right." 

Many of the political flyers had some anti-Israel component, such as blaming Israel for "Palestinians massacred," supporting Gaza, calling for an end to US aid to Israel, and demanding an end to "Islamophobia." This flyer claims that all of the land of Israel is really Palestine and that Israel and the Jews are illegally occupying it.

Diversity, Occupy Boston style. There were several signs and posters in Arabic.

And of course, support for illegal immigration was also a major theme in the literature we picked up. Most of the signs were about corporations, the economy, or against the wars.

Christian message? We didn't get the feeling that this guy is particularly religious.  At least, not in the traditional sense.

Whitewash by the media. (So what's new?)

Similar to the homosexual issue, the radical nature of the Occupy Boston protesters is virtually ignored in the Boston mainstream media. They will occasionally quote their spokesmen on their general demands regarding banks, foreclosures, etc., but the media basically portrays them as a rudderless group without an ideology. The flood of communist, anarchist, anti-Israel, and similar literature that permeates Occupy Boston is simply ignored.

For example, on Wednesday, the Boston Herald did a front page article with several full inside pages billed as "Inside Occupy: We get up close and personal with Hub's new tent city." Their report is a tad Orwellian. Lots of cheerful, interesting stuff about this "movement." But nothing particularly radical. (Or any mention of the overwhelming smell of urine that we encountered!)

Boston Herald spread on Occupy Boston:

In general, the Boston media has portrayed "Occupy Boston" as merely noble young citizens who've had enough, and are using their First Amendment rights to protest. No Tea Party ever gets that treatment, that's for sure.


International Socialist Flag - Apparently their version of the "Don't Tread on Me" flag at Tea Parties.


Support by top government officials, labor unions

It's pretty unbelievable that our top government officials have voiced solid unwavering support for the "Occupy Boston" message.  That in itself should be a message for the rest of us: Something is really wrong.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino told the press:

"As mayor of the city, I have to respect their right to express themselves, and we'll have our police go down and work with them every day. The issues they talk about, the issues of greed, of foreclosure and the issue of equity I totally agree with them."

This past Saturday, Governor Deval Patrick personally went down and walked through the tent city. He saw it close up. Then he told the Boston Phoenix:

"It was fascinating. I met with a couple of the organizers -- very thoughtful, responsible people." The Governor went on to talk about his visit to their library tent. He said, "There was one message which I'll paraphrase, because I don't remember exactly what it said, which was that we have come to accept confrontation and injustice as facts of life, and that needs to change. Powerful."

Boston Herald coverage of Gov. Deval Patrick (in brown coat) at Occupied Boston site.

Wow! And these are our leaders? But these are the same politicians who march in the "Gay Pride" parade, are hostile to traditional values and those who support them, and are openly suspicious and unsupportive of the Tea Parties. In other words, modern Democrat politicians.

Several major labor unions have also joined in with "Occupy Boston." This is, sadly, not too surprising. But is shows just how radical those groups really are. If they're willing to support this, what else will they support?

According to press reports the list includes: Mass. Teachers Association, AFL-CIO, the Greater Boston Labor Council, IBEW, SIEU, Mass. Nurses Assn., Metropolitan Boston Building & Construction Trades Council, New England Regional Council of Carpenters, and the Iron Workers Union.

Sign next to one of the tents.

Frightening -- and illegal -- double standard by government

The double standard is unbelievable, and clearly illegal. But of course, who cares about the mere rule of law?

Whenever a conservative organization wants any kind of demonstration or protest in Boston, the city is very strict about its rules requiring permits. There are specific times and places where demonstrating is allowed. Police are strict about the behavior of the demonstrators. And generally in Massachusetts, cities require payment for extra police or other costs that may be incurred.

But not with "Occupy Boston." They get a completely free ride. This is unprecedented, and has been never been given to any conservative group. For example:

  • The city did not require any permit for them to take over the Dewey Square park and camp out indefinitely. The protesters ignored the permit requirement and the city went along. Here's the Fox News interview with the Mayor of Boston about that.
  • The city is not charging them for police overtime, which Boston City Council President Steve Murphy has estimated that it will cost the city $2 million by the end of the month.
  • The city supplies the protesters with free electricity and garbage collection.
  • On Tuesday, Oct. 11 police arrested 141 of the protesters who had tried to take over a second park in the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, against the city's wishes. There were lots of photos about a melee and struggles and even an assaults on police officers during the arrests. But unlike with, say, pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio, there were no arrests for disorderly conduct or resisting arrest. They were merely charged with "trespassing". But since trespassing is a criminal offense, the Suffolk District Attorney's office allowed them to plead guilty to a lesser civil infraction and simply pay a $50 fine. No court date, no problems.

This should be a wake-up call to you

All of this represents an even bigger and bolder statement that left-wing political in-your-face activism lawbreaking faces no consequences. By all accounts, this is likely just the beginning of worse things to come.


MassResistance VIDEO: Taken by our researcher Amy Contrada as she walked through the Tent City. Titled "Urinetown" - You get an 18-minute tour of the public park that Occupy Boston has now taken over.



Tasteless. This big poster was facing the oncoming traffic in front of the Occupy Boston park in Boston. Like everything else embarrassing, it got a free pass from the Boston liberal media.