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MassResistance fights back — in liberal Jewish newspaper — over truth of "Torah Declaration"

Defends statement by Orthodox rabbis on homosexuality

POSTED: Feb 3, 2012

MassResistance has stood up and defended the bold Orthodox "Torah Declaration" on homosexuality in the predominant liberal Jewish newspaper in Boston.

As we recently reported, a coalition of over Orthodox rabbis (now numbering about 200), respected mental health professionals, community leaders, and others from across America and several foreign countries have released entitled "Declaration on the Torah Approach to Homosexuality," that clarifies the theological understanding of the Biblically mandated prohibition. In doing so it restates that no one is "born gay" and that same-sex attractions can healed.

The Biblical understanding that no one is "born gay" coincides with mental health experts who are not intimidated by political correctness.

In particular, it says:

We emphatically reject the notion that a homosexually inclined person cannot overcome his or her inclination and desire. Behaviors are changeable. The Torah (Bible) does not forbid something which is impossible to avoid. Abandoning people to lifelong loneliness and despair by denying all hope of overcoming and healing their same-sex attraction is heartlessly cruel. Such an attitude also violates the biblical prohibition in Leviticus 19:14 "and you shall not place a stumbling block before the blind."
(Read the entire declaration HERE.)

Attacks from liberals begin

The declaration was released in late December. The vicious attacks from the left began pretty quickly. Within a few weeks at least two Orthodox rabbis were threatened with firing for simply signing the declaration.

On January 20, the Jewish Advocate, the most predominant (but very liberal) Jewish newspaper serving New England, wrote a nasty article and attempting to marginalize a local Orthodox rabbi and Brian Camenker (and MassResistance) for signing it. Titled "Two from area sign anti-gay statement" it described MassResistance as "an anti-gay organization."

Obnoxious article in the Jewish Advocate, 1/20/2012:

Fighting back - rebuttal on editorial page

But those cowardly types of attacks cannot be left unanswered. MassResistance appealed to the newspaper's publisher (who had been out of town) and he agreed that a prominent rebuttal was in order.

Thus, on January 27, the Advocate published on their editorial page the following from Brian Camenker, along with a letter from Susie Rosenbluth, the press person for the Torah Declaration.

Rebuttals as they appeared on upper right side of editorial page.

Camenker's piece is printed below.

Read both of the rebuttals scanned here.


Torah Declaration is not 'anti-gay'

By Brian Camenker
Published in The Jewish Advocate - Boston, Massachusetts
January 27, 2012

How should Jews properly deal with homosexuality? A bold statement answering that question was released last month and signed by an international coalition of over 200 Orthodox rabbis, respected Jewish mental health professionals, and community leaders.

The document, entitled "Declaration on the Torah Approach to Homosexuality," clarifies the theological understanding of homosexuality and how it dovetails with modern psychological understanding.

The statement strongly refutes and repudiates the liberal Jewish political correctness and misinformation regarding homosexuality. It re-states the plain fact that no one is "born gay" and that same-sex attractions can be modified and healed - which is supported by medical experience around the world. Conversely, the tragic and false message that "no one can change" has caused untold misery and even suicide.

The Declaration was written during a year-long process by a 25-member committee which included Orthodox rabbis, parents, former homosexuals, and others currently struggling with homosexuality.

Unfortunately, the reaction by liberals has mostly been name-calling ("anti-gay", "bigoted", "hate group"), intimidation, and even attempts to get signers fired from their jobs, which has happened to at least two rabbis recently. The vicious suppression of anyone challenging the "born gay" myth has been going on for years and is unconscionable. It is time to speak the truth without fear, say the signers. And why shouldn't people who seek health and wellness have the opportunity to at least hear both sides?

Last week the Advocate published an insulting and hostile article attacking the Declaration and its signers which outraged many people. In the interest of fairness the Declaration is being presented below so Advocate readers can judge for themselves.

A final point: It's a sad (and humiliating) fact that Christian America sees Jews as prominent promoting destructive pathologies, from abortion and pornography to socialism and attacks on religion. As this document has become widely publicized, there's a sense of pride that Jews are publicly seen doing something positive. I couldn't agree more.

You can read more about the Declaration at

Standing up for the truth is not only necessary, but very powerful. We've already gotten several phone calls and emails of support from those who read the article. Actually, a lot of people never hear the other side. It's about time they did. We will certainly continue to spread the word.

George Orwell once observed that there times when the obvious must constantly be re-stated. Those times are certainly here.