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Outrageous police video: Quincy police harass and intimidate pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio for holding sign on sidewalk and handing out flyers.

This WILL make you angry!

POSTED: February 13, 2012

The chilling video below speaks for itself. You will see the illegal harassment of a pro-life activist by police -- and the fearlessness of Peter D'Attilio to stand up for his constitutional rights.

Our experience has been that police are increasingly hostile to pro-family messages in public -- while being very friendly and accommodating to "Occupy" protesters and homosexual activists who openly break laws. This is just the latest example.

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio was simply standing -- perfectly legally -- on a public sidewalk in Quincy, Massachusetts, holding a pro-life sign and handing out his pro-life bookmarks. But he was almost immediately illegally confronted, blocked, and harassed by hostile Quincy city police.

Peter fearlessly held up a video camera and recorded this unbelievable scene:

VIDEO: Police harassment at Quincy H.S.


Note in the video:

  1. The police officer tells Peter to "leave and take your message somewhere else."
  2. The two cops stand in front of Peter's sign, blocking it. They tell him it's their "constitutional right" to stand wherever they want.
  3. They threaten him with a "loitering" charge.
  4. They tell pedestrians to get away from Peter, and intimidate them from coming near him.
  5. They then claim that Peter's breaking a city ordinance that allegedly doesn't allow "more than four people" to stand on the sidewalk!
  6. Peter correctly observes that police may not require a person to give them ID unless a crime is allegedly being committed. (The US Supreme Court has made this very clear.)

Note that the public schools are using millions of taxpayer dollars in Massachusetts to push the Planned Parenthood sexuality/abortion agenda into the minds of students. But if someone wants to give out medically correct information, the government considers him to be a criminal.


Don't stand for this. Tell the Quincy police chief and mayor that citizens in America WILL NOT STAND FOR this disgusting and unconstitutional behavior by police.

Mayor: Contact the Mayor of Quincy

Police Chief: Contact the Quincy Police Chief