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Maryland AG tells homosexual rally: If petition is successful, marriage vote will be undone by newly appointed judges

Calls pro-family citizens "rabid" and "the right-wing myopic folks"

POSTED: Feb. 29, 2012

Calling pro-family citizens "rabid," the Maryland Attorney General told a homosexual rally in September that if "the right-wing myopic folks" win a vote to overturn the new "gay marriage" law, then the Governor's newly appointed judges will strike down the current one-man-one-woman marriage law as unconstitutional — "so we will win." That's what Douglas Gansler, Maryland's aggressively pro-homosexual Attorney General, told a rally of homosexual group Equality Maryland back on Sept. 7, 2011.

Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler
addresses homosexual rally on Sept. 7, 2011.

Maryland pro-family activists are preparing to gather the necessary 55,736 signatures to bring the measure to the November ballot. The process can start almost as soon as the Governor signs the bill, which is expected on Thursday. The homosexual lobby has conceded that they will be able to get the signatures on time. And given the track record across the country, the repeal would likely pass in Maryland also.

But will the petition — and all the work it takes to win an election — be in vain?

As we've seen in California, Massachusetts, in Maryland's recent House vote, and other places, politicians and public officials who support the homosexual movement are just like the hard Left in outlook: This is all inevitable anyway, they tell us, and it is tremendously important. So the ends justify the means. Laws and ethical behavior should not get in the way.

Here's what Gansler told the homosexual activists:

"These people on the other side are pretty rabid . . . So we pass this. And we have same-sex marriage here in Maryland. The right-wing myopic folks will then try to have a referendum. And let's say they're able to do that, put it on the ballot. And that would stay the effectiveness of the law. So it would still be marriage between a man and a woman. It then goes to vote. Now every state in the country that's done this has not voted for marriage equality, though Maine was very close in the last election. And in the last polls in Maryland the population is in favor of same-sex marriage. So it could be successful . . .

"But let's say the people vote and the machines don't work and they vote it down. So then what happens? Then we go back to marriage is between a man and a woman again. And then what happens? Well it goes to a court. There are cases right now that are percolating about divorce and spousal privilege, so this will ultimately go to the courts.

"Governor O'Malley has appointed three new members of the court of appeals. Is Lisa Polyack here? So Lisa's case [a high-profile case regarding gay marriage] was the last one and they decided 4-3 that the current [marriage] law is constitutional. But clearly the current law is not constitutional. It violates equal protection. It violates due process.

"And the new judges that Gov. O'Malley has appointed will ultimately decide that, as they have in almost every state that's visited this issue including California . . . So we will win."

As Gansler has acknowledged, "gay marriage" has been universally rejected across the country, by the will of the people. It's only been instituted by judges or legislatures, invariably in circumstances involving some kind of corruption or payoffs. It's shameless but horribly un-American for a state Attorney General to behave this way. But he sees his "progressive" views as trumping everything else, a viewpoint that's foreign to most Americans. Saul Alinsky and his cohorts would be proud.

Left-wing religion lesson. Gansler testifies on gay "marriage" bill at Senate hearing in Maryland State House on Jan. 31. He told the Legislature:

"The Koran, the Torah, the Bible, none of them address the issue of gay marriage. They all address the issue of tolerance, dignity of human beings, equality, and freedoms."