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The State House event from hell: Mass. Governor and top politicians join radicals celebrating transgender law -- bizarre bill signing ceremony.

Vocal anger & hostility toward pro-family citizens. (See photos & videos.)
Coming to other states soon . . .

POSTED: February 25, 2013

(Last week we published an exclusive analysis of the Massachusetts Dept. of Education's new regulations concerning "transgender children" in the public schools. This email will profile the people who forced those horrible policies on us.)

Anyone who doubts the obsessive desire of the homosexual and transgender movement (and their powerful political allies) to change society -- along with their focus on children and hatred for traditional values -- need look no farther than the chilling scenes below in the Massachusetts State House.

January 19, 2012: It was the State House event from hell. The "signing ceremony" by Governor Deval Patrick for the "transgender rights and hate crimes" law, which had been passed by the Legislature two months earlier.

Homosexual and transgender activists filling up the room at the State House for the signing ceremony.

Everyone across America should read this -- and see what may be in the works for your state or city. As we've said, everything bad in the "culture war" seems to start here in Massachusetts. Watch out for any proposed bill or local ordinance that includes "gender identity or expression"

A six-year battle over three legislative sessions

Following their "same-sex marriage" putsch and their subsequent success at stopping a public vote on it, the homosexual movement turned next to "transgenderism". They eventually made their top priority and spent enormous time and effort lobbying for it.

Even in Massachusetts "transgender rights" was a pretty hard sell. They had introduced the most radical bill of its kind in the country. In two earlier tries, (the 2007-8 and 2009-10 sessions) the bill did not even get out of the (pro-LGBT) Judiciary Committee because of the public outrage (including pressure from MassResistance).

But then in 2011 the Governor, Speaker of the House, and Senate President stepped in and used their political power, unethical tactics, and an underhanded late-night session to force it out of the Committee and through the Legislature without debate. Since some pro-family groups had (reductively) labeled it a "bathroom bill," the leadership took out the public accommodations section to make it appear more palatable, but left the bulk of it (including the most odious sections) intact. And so it got pushed through quite quickly.

The holy grail of left-wing activism: removing everyone's choice

The average person is repulsed by cross-dressing and the other transgender-like behaviors - which are classified as a "disorder" by the mental health profession. Children especially are often frightened and emotionally disoriented when they see it.

If a private business wants to allow it, that's one thing. People who don't like it can choose to avoid it. But that's not good enough for the radical activists.

Under this law, the state takes away everyone's choice in the matter. A male who wants to wear a dress and high heels never has to modify his behavior at work or anywhere else. It is now forced into all society. All businesses, schools, organizations (including churches and religious groups), government agencies, and others must now accept, embrace, and affirm "transgenderism" or face harsh punishments by the state.

The activists cheerfully labeled it a triumph over "discrimination." But to most people it's a horrible perversion of the antidiscrimination laws used to push a radical social agenda.

Converging at the State House for their triumphant ceremony

Even the back end of the room was filled all the way to the wall.

On Jan. 19, 2012, the major homosexual and transgender activists from across the state along with the most powerful politicians converged in the historic Senate Reading Room in the Massachusetts State House for the official signing ceremony.

Major transgender activists: (Note: all of the above are men in women's clothes.) Above left to right: Grace Sterling Stowell, head of BAGLY; Nancy Nangeroni, Board Member of Mass. Transgender Political Coalition; Lorelei Erisis, former Miss Transgender New England.

It was clearly an emotional day for the radical activists, and the politicians did not let them down.

Three of us from MassResistance were there, too. (No other "pro-family" group dared to come!)

Hatred and evil resonated throughout the room

It was their "victory dance" and they wanted to make a point that there's a lot more to come. The room was filled with hardcore transgender and homosexual activists.

Of all the "gay" events at the State House over the years, this was the worst. The sheer hatred in the room against pro-family people was so thick you could feel it, and it seemed to resonate through every speech. The spiritual darkness took a long time to get over. It was reminiscent of the horrible cheering and screaming scene by homosexual activists outside Boston City Hall in 2004 when the first "gay marriages" took place.

More transgender activists: Posing for photos with Governor Deval Patrick
and Attorney General Martha Coakley (front, center and right) are
a woman with a beard and mustache (left front) and four men dressed
as women behind them. Directly behind governor with white shirt and
blond hair is transgender activist "Ashley Bottoms" who targeted a
Peabody, Mass. restaurant
with his gang of men dressed as women.

Speakers (prominent politicians & homosexual leaders) didn't hold back!

The event began with several high-profile speakers, including the Governor, Attorney General, and Speaker of the House, and other politicians, followed by leaders and major figures from various state homosexual and transgender organizations.

The speakers were all very candid about their hostility for pro-family values and their plans to push the homosexual and transgender demands as far as they can. The speeches certainly fired up the activists. But to anyone else, it was eerie and unnerving.

State House politicians who helped push the transgender bill through line
up behind Rep. Carl Sciortino (standing at podium), a lead sponsor of the bill.
Sciortino once disrupted a Catholic Mass, flagrantly kissing his homosexual boyfriend to protest the Church's position on same-sex "marriage."

Major themes resonating through the speeches

The speakers shared the view that forcing the inclusion of transgenderism, cross-dressing, and related behaviors into society is actually part of a great Civil Rights crusade. And they portrayed themselves as historical descendants of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

  • Children. A big target of this movement is children. They want to "help" children to find their identities.
  • Demonizing our side. The people who did not agree with this bill are bigoted and backwards. Or, as Attorney General Martha Coakley "gracefully" put it: "nearsighted."
  • Ruthlessness. They are going to be ruthless in enforcing it.
  • More to come. This is just the beginning. They intend to use the law to its fullest, and expand it as much as they can. At a minimum, they intend to push through the "public accommodations" sections this session.
  • Change America. They now have the power they need to change society, starting here but eventually across America.

Here are quotes from the major speakers that day:

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick:

"I am proud of you and proud to be with you today. . . [Thank you] for being a symbol of strength and a force to be reckoned with! Remember that -- because this isn't the last fight . . . there is unfinished business in the department of 'doing right.'

"I want to thank you for being an example of what it means when people decide to make advocacy personal. When they decide that, you do in fact have all the power you need to make all the change you want if you work together."

State Attorney General Martha Coakley:

"As the Governor gets to sign the bill, I'll get to enforce it!

"We've been importantly deciding how we needed to clarify the law to explain to people who in their nearsightedness -- I will say that gracefully -- in their nearsightedness criticized it. I want to say today that this law will only increase our ability to prosecute criminal conduct and protect the civil rights of all."

State Auditor Suzanne Bump:

"It's so wonderful now to have this joyous event…I'm thrilled for all of the progress that we've made."

House Speaker Robert DeLeo:

"As my very first event as Speaker of the House, I went to the MassEquality dinner, and I had made a statement that we were going to get this done . . .

"Henceforth, we as a Commonwealth will not have to tolerate hatred . . . I'm so proud to be part of such an important civil rights milestone."

State Rep. Byron Rushing (point man for homosexual lobby and a lead sponsor of transgender bill):

This is a discussion about gender identity. But it's also been a discussion about another kind of identity. It has been a discussion of the identity of this state, Massachusetts. And hopefully it will be a discussion about this whole country, the United States of America.

Atty. Jennifer Levi (prosecuting lesbian attorney and transgender law specialist for GLAD -- corporate supported homosexual-transgender legal group behind "gay marriage" in the New England states):

"It's tremendous to be here, and ... to see the beauty of our community in front of me and the strength of the community that we have brought together [motioning to State House members & state officials] to support us: It's unbelievable. And I'm also struck by the fact that as I look out there, we are represented from very young kids to the oldest among us

". . . And much like the Attorney General, I look forward to enforcing this law on behalf of our community, knowing the hope and the promise that it brings for all of us of equality of justice for our community."

Kara Suffredini (Executive Director of MassEquality, the leading homosexual lobbying and activist group - a woman who dresses as a man):

"For the young people in our Commonwealth who are in the process of self-discovery, today's ceremony sends a message of hope, that in Massachusetts everybody should be able to live safe, open, and authentic lives free of discrimination, no matter WHO THEY ARE - that's what today says. We didn't need to have a special signing ceremony; we're having one to mark that.

". . . We need to pass public accommodations protections: places like grocery stores, banks, buses, places where we routinely conduct our daily lives."

Gunner Scott (A woman with a beard and mustache - Exec. Director of Mass. Transgender Political Coalition):

"This law is not about providing special rights. . . This is for those people who think they can deny us those rights because of who we are . . . We still have some work to do -- and I look forward to seeing all of you to come forward and work with all the amazing people behind me -- in getting full protections for every facet of our lives. That includes public accommodations."

As you can see, they are not stopping here. The radical activists have more plans are for you, your children, and all of society. And the high government officials who have contempt and hostility for people with traditional pro-family values are only too eager to carry them out. And they're relishing the fact that they have the power to do it as harshly as they wish.

Gov. makes a statement while signing: Children a big part!

After the speeches, when the Governor officially signed the transgender rights and hate crimes bill, he made it a point to have four young children right up with to him. This was clearly a symbolic gesture as to where the homosexual and transgender movement is going with this ideology.

Gov. Deval Patrick signs transgender bill surrounded by politicians and activists -- with children right up front.

See the VIDEOS from the event

The photos don't quite do it justice. MassResistance's Amy Contrada was there in the thick of it and produced these two videos titled "Lunacy: Mass. Transgender Bill signing."

VIDEO - Part I: What it was like standing in the crowd where
men appeared as women and women as men.

VIDEO - Part II:
The speeches and the bill signing.

MassResistance asks Speaker of the House about "gender identity disorder"

As the event was breaking up, Brian Camenker of MassResistance approached House Speaker Robert DeLeo. Camenker asked DeLeo why no one was considering the fact that that the mental health profession officially considers transgender behavior to be "gender identity disorder" (in the DSM Manual IV). Shouldn't there be some discussion about that, he asked? Shouldn't these people get medical help?

DeLeo just looked at Camenker and claimed he didn't know anything about that. As Camenker began to explain, DeLeo's communications director stepped between them, told DeLeo that "this guy is Brian Camenker from MassResistance" and pulled DeLeo away and out the door!

What's he afraid of? Staffer (center, with shaved head) for House Speaker Robert Deleo leads DeLeo (directly in front of him) out the door, away from Brian Camenker of MassResistance!

Obviously, the House Speaker is willing to meet at length with homosexual and transgender activists, but not talk with a single pro-family advocate.

Can this be beaten? We first need to stop beating ourselves.

Conservatives have a big problem dealing with this effectively. That needs to be fixed.

The "mainstream" (i.e., well-funded) pro-family groups, especially here in Massachusetts, are deathly afraid of confronting the obviously absurd concepts of "gender identity" and "transgenderism" head on. (This mirrors their problems with "sexual orientation" or "same-sex marriage.") They don't want to be called names by the other side, or have the mainstream media not call them for interviews. So instead they talk only about "privacy" and "safety" and "bathroom bills."

This gives the radicals a free ride. They don't have to defend their ideas, ideology, or goals. They just adjust their tactics and their rhetoric, and they sail along. (And that makes it all the harder for the rest of us who are willing to be direct.)

Good people must confront this directly and without fear. To start with, MassResistance is supporting Bill H.2333, which completely repeals the transgender law. But we all must be willing to tell the truth.

The enormous number of lies, misinformation, intimidation, and outright demonization that is used all must be confronted boldly. That is the first step to turning any of this around.