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Both Boston newspapers cover last week's two major "gay marriage" events with laughable bias

North Carolina gay marriage victory
vs Obama's gay marriage announcement

POSTED: May 15, 2012

The media's distortion of reality was in full bloom last week. "Gay marriage" issues have a weird effect on liberal journalists anyway, and this was the big double whammy.

It's similar to what's going on across the country. The two Boston newspapers, the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, covered the overwhelming defeat of "gay marriage" in North Carolina and subsequent announcement the next day of Obama's support of "gay marriage" in humorously contrasting ways -- in line with their strong internal biases. Both papers virtually ignored the North Carolina vote, but greeted Obama's announcement as if it were the biggest civil rights move since the Voter Rights Act.

Wednesday April 9: Reporting the North Carolina vote

The morning after the stunning North Carolina vote, the Globe had just a small Associated Press article on page 6. And the Herald had nothing at all. It was amazing. If there wasn't any alternative media, almost no one in Boston would have known it had happened at all.

You had to hunt inside the Globe to find the AP article, "N. Carolina strengthens gay marriage prohibition."

But the Herald had nothing at all.

Thursday, April 10: Obama announced he supports "gay marriage"

One day later, you would have thought it was the second VJ Day. The morning after Obama's comments, the Globe devoted the entire top front page to it, two full inside pages, and the lead editorial.

The Globe devoted most of the front page and two full inside pages to the "announcement" that surprised no one.

In addition, the lead editorial was trumpeting this so-called great moment in history.

Note the nasty political cartoon, just for good measure.

That day the Herald devoted an inside spread gushing about the news.

Mainstream media more unreliable than ever

In other words, despite competition from the Internet (or maybe because of it) the mainstream media is more unreliable than ever. All we can say is, thank heaven for the alternative news sources.

Moreover, as we've seen across the country, the media that did cover it tried to sugarcoat the North Carolina vote by claiming that "national polls" show that a majority of Americans actually support "gay marriage" by a fairly wide margin. Really? In every election, it continues to get defeated.

And finally, we've often observed that although the Boston Herald tries to portray itself as a more conservative alternative to the Globe, that's just an illusion they try to create -- mostly by printing a few columns by conservative columnists. Close analysis consistently shows that its staff is basically on the same wavelength with the Globe's. This was certainly a perfect example of that.