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Convicted sex offender files $1 million lawsuit against Brian Camenker of MassResistance -- to stop exposé of "gay youth clubs."

Aided by pro-gay local police chief.

POSTED: July 12, 2012

A homosexual activist and convicted sex offender who spent time in jail for sexually molesting a teenage boy has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Brian Camenker of MassResistance. The lawsuit is an attempt to stop MassResistance's publication of a graphic exposé of a "gay youth" organization, describing drug use, pornography, sexual activity between men and boys, and other activities at the organization's events -- which the activist himself wrote and distributed.

For years, MassResistance has warned parents and citizens about the dangers of these "gay youth" organizations which have sprung up in cities across the country. They are unsupervised and run by homosexual (and transgender) adults and attempt to attract high school and middle school kids. Unlike "gay straight alliance" clubs, they are independent and not connected with public schools. In Massachusetts they receive indirect public funding through the "Commission on GLBT Youth" and the (pro-gay) Dept. of Public Health.

Local "gay youth" group NAGLY (North Shore Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Youth) marches in "Youth Pride" event in Boston. These groups seem to attract a lot of adults. [MassResistance photo] Here's a larger list of the "gay youth" organizations in Massachusetts.

The shocking letter that exposed the truth

In January, 2007, Adam Flanders, a well-known homosexual activist in Belfast, Maine, wrote and publicly distributed a letter describing the shocking goings-on at a "gay youth" organization, including adult men having sex with boys, drug use, pornography, discussions of suicide, and more.

Read Flanders' public letter HERE

Flanders delivered the letter to local police departments, the local media, and pro-family groups (including the Christian Civic League of Maine), and encouraged them to publicize it.

Flanders was subsequently convicted of sexually molesting a 14-year-old boy he met at the "gay youth" organization. He spent time in jail, and is currently a registered sex offender in Maine.

(Right: Flanders in jail.)

Five years later: Flanders changes his mind, demands removal of postings

Late last year Flanders changed his mind and now wants the controversial letter removed from pro-family sites that have posted it. Flanders (and other homosexual activists) apparently realized that the letter -- in the hands of pro-family groups -- represents an important revelation about the "gay clubs" everywhere. So Flanders contacted every pro-family group that had it posted and threatened them with legal action unless they removed it. And they all caved in and removed it -- except MassResistance.

In his emails threatening MassResistance, Flanders made reference to working with larger homosexual groups in this effort. This certainly appears to be what's happening.

But the threats against MassResistance were unsuccessful. So Flanders escalated his harassment and began actual legal attacks:

  • He filed a phony "restraining" order in his local Maine District Court against Brian Camenker and MassResistance, falsely claiming that Camenker was "stalking" him. (In fact, Camenker had never met, seen, or spoken to Flanders.) Flanders obviously was aware he was in a gay-friendly legal venue. A moonbat liberal judge, Patricia G. Worth, granted the restraining order to Flanders, despite its clearly fraudulent nature and the fact that Camenker and MassResistance are in a different state, and without allowing Camenker to submit testimony in his own defense. (However, the order does NOT ban any Internet posting, as Flanders continuously claims.)
  • Then Flanders threatened MassResistance's web host company. The company caved in, and shut down the MassResistance site. It caused a huge upheaval for us. But we got a new host company.
  • He threatened the conservative news site WorldNetDaily (WND) after they did two articles on this. Unfortunately, in an unprecedented move WND caved in and took down the articles.
  • He has repeatedly threatened the owner of MassResistance's new host company. He even sent the owner a frightening email, naming the names of the owner's wife and children and the area where they live. But the owner is a pro-family Christian and -- to his credit -- is not backing down!

Selective outrage - letter still posted on local news site

Flanders' original letter made the news in that area back in 2007. The letter itself is still posted on at least one local Maine news site. And the news coverage of the letter is also still posted on another news site. But since they are not "pro-family" and notifying parents, Flanders has ignored this!

Belfast District Courthouse in Belfast, Maine.

Now: A $1 million lawsuit against Camenker

Since these tactics didn't work, Flanders (apparently working with larger gay groups) has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Brian Camenker personally. Flanders is alleging that MassResistance's publication of his letter and the accompanying descriptions constitute "defamatory material" and "false statements," among other things.

Read the lawsuit and related paperwork HERE

What's startling is the level of outright lies, deceptions, and bizarre accusations about Camenker and MassResistance that permeate Flanders' 3-page, single-spaced brief, which are neatly packaged as a serious legal document. This is unfortunately very common for the homosexual movement -- the blatant "big lie" approach, hoping much of it will stick.

How outrageous is it? We had intended to do a line-by line refutation for this email. But it would be so voluminous that we'll have to save it for a separate report. In this manner, it is very similar to the lawsuit against Scott Lively, which was so full of absurd and false statements that it took a 109-page brief to answer them all! (This includes the now-common libel by the left that pro-family organizations constitute "hate groups.")

However, this lawsuit must be taken seriously. The homosexual movement is certainly serious -- and unrelenting.

Template for more lawsuits across the country?

This is not just about Camenker and MassResistance. Flanders' claims for damages appear to be a carefully crafted template for other homosexuals to use around the country against pro-family activists. To start, Flanders is seeking $500,000 for "emotional distress and suffering, as well as past and future damage" to his career.

He is also seeking $500,000 "to further discourage hate crimes and other forms of harassment and stalking motivated by prejudice against gay and lesbian citizens" which is a "serious assault on a protected class and a minority based on Plaintiff's sexual orientation." Furthermore, he requests "a declaratory judgment ruling" that Camenker and MassResistance have violated the state's criminal code regarding "cyber-bullying" and "stalking."

It's a classic "big lie." But this is what the homosexual movement has found to be successful. And it's why they've put so much effort into getting these "hate crime" types of laws passed - to be used as a basis for prosecutions. This kind of patent nonsense, repeated enough, becomes believable in a courtroom!

Aided by pro-gay local police chief -- an investigation against Camenker to charge him with crimes!

And it gets worse. Flanders is being aided by the local pro-gay Belfast, Maine police chief. This is extremely troubling. According to Flanders' signed statement, Belfast Chief of Police Michael McFadden has stated that Flanders' conviction for Sexual Abuse of a Minor is "very minor" and "equivalent to stealing a candy bar."

Belfast, Maine Police Chief Michael McFadden

Flanders says that the lawsuit against Camenker was McFadden's recommendation to him while McFadden explores ways to charge Camenker with actual crimes.

As Flanders states in his signed brief:

"Belfast PD and the District Attorney are currently investigating the case to see if the Defendant Brian Camenker has violated the Protection from Harassment Order and/or committed new crimes pursuant to Maine Statute. The Belfast Chief of Police recommended that the Plaintiff sue Brian Camenker and MassResistance for defamation, while they attempt to find some way to criminally charge Brian Camenker."

Unbelievable. Just who is Chief McFadden protecting here?

When we spoke with Police Chief McFadden by phone, he refused to confirm or deny anything about the investigation against Camenker, or anything else. When asked for copies of police reports relating to Flanders' crimes and activity, McFadden has either refused outright to give them or has given misleading information on how to obtain them through other sources.

In addition, Flanders has sent a harassing email to our new web host provider saying that he is working with the district court judge who issued the harassment order to have an injunction against Brian Camenker and MassResistance issued imminently.

A "gay strategy" that must be stopped before it gathers steam . . .

The homosexual movement realizes that they've had the most direct success changing society via the court system. So their next strategic step is to use the court system to stamp out free speech and punish pro-family people who attempt to expose and criticize them.

That's getting started now. As many of you have seen, This comes on the heels of the international lawsuit against Scott Lively, to punish him for his outspokenness on the homosexual issue. His is an unusual case that may be more of a trial balloon. But this is a more direct use of the current laws, re-directed against pro-family speech. Both clearly represent the intent of the homosexual movement to use the legal system as a hammer against us. We must stop this now, not wait until later.

MassResistance really needs your help now!

We're willing to stick our necks out and not back down. This is serious stuff. As we learned in the Fistgate experience: If our side starts giving in to threats, pressure, and lawsuits instead of standing our ground and fighting back, there will be no end to what will happen. And anybody who exposes anything will be liable for severe punishment unless they capitulate.

We need your serious financial support to get through this! Please consider a generous donation. If MassResistance isn't here to stand up, who else will do it?



Homosexual activists don't like
Brian Camenker of MassResistance

What most people DON'T see . . .

A few scenes from BAGLY (Boston Area Gay and Lesbian Youth) event in Boston. At left, a man in women's clothes embraces what appears to be a teenager. At right, a teenage boy dressed in bra with lipstick, earrings, and necklace. [MassResistance photos.]