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Commentary: Has the conservative movement given up on the homosexual issue?

POSTED: Sept 28, 2012

We are living at a time when the homosexual (and transgender) agendas are becoming more aggressive and militant than ever, and are taking over more of our government than we could ever have imagined.

Just a few examples:

  • The FBI, CIA, DOJ issues described in our recent posting.
  • The repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and its effect on the military
  • The State Department, and the homosexualization of our embassies and foreign policy
  • The Obama Administration's bringing in hundreds of radical "gays" into sensitive federal positions, including federal judgeships
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate group" scam against pro-family organizations and individuals
  • The "kiss-ins" and other harassment at Chick-fil-A and other companies
  • The shooting in the lobby of Family Research Council by a pro-homosexual activist
  • The bitter fights this year in four states over "gay marriage" referendums
  • The mainstream media's and entertainment industry's obsession with homosexual characters and issues
  • And so much more . . .

But you wouldn't know it by going to any of the major conservative conferences this year.

At CPAC 2012, the Values Voter Summit, the Eagle Council Leadership Conference, or the upcoming CPAC West in Colorado, there were a lot of speakers and a lot of panels on a wide range of conservative and family issues.

But we couldn't find a single one with a speaker or topic regarding the radical homosexual agenda and its effects on America. Not one. Not even on the huge GLBT push in our schools. Sure, there was some stuff on "the sanctity of marriage" and "our religious rights," but nothing that comes close to discussing the real issue. If we're mistaken or missed something please let us know. But we went over the schedules pretty well.

We have great respect for the organizations that put on these events. But we're very disappointed that something this overwhelming would be completely ignored.

Sadly we think there's a bit of fear and trepidation from the obvious fallout that would happen when you talk about these subjects openly and freely. There's the intimidation from the "gay allies" in the conservative movement (e.g., GoProud, Log Cabin Republicans). or "fiscal only" conservatives. But the homosexual movement itself can be vicious and unrelenting. The shooting at FRC was just one example of what the homosexual movement is capable of. When Scott Lively spoke earlier this year, a brick was thrown through a window with threats written on it. We've seen churches terrorized when they held "Love Won Out" conferences inside. Chick-fil-A endured "kiss-ins" and graffiti.

We understand that fear. But we're still disappointed.

You can count on MassResistance to continue talking about this, reporting on it, and organizing to confront it.