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In New York: Arrogant "gay marriage" Republican State Senator loses in primary.

Was one of four turncoats in crucial 2011 Senate vote.

POSTED: Sept. 25, 2012

Last year when the New York State Legislature voted to legalize "gay marriage," -- despite passionate pleas and lobbying from conservatives -- Sen. Roy McDonald was one of the four turncoat Republicans that made it happen.

This was the scene in the New York Legislature outside the State Senate chambers for days during the "gay marriage" debate.
[MassResistance photo]

But more than that, among the four he was probably the most arrogant and abusive about it. As the New York Times recently wrote:

Before State Senator Roy J. McDonald, a Republican, voted last year to legalize same-sex marriage, he told reporters that anyone unhappy with his position could "take the job and shove it" . . .

Mr. McDonald makes no apologies for his vote.

"I'm in the party of Abraham Lincoln - I'm very proud of that," he said. "I'm not in a party of a bunch of right-wing nitwits. It's Abraham Lincoln. It's everybody's included. And I feel that's very important."

So when he was challenged in the September 13 Republican primary by Kathy Marchione, the County Clerk of Saratoga County, who opposed homosexual marriage, the homosexual marriage lobby wanted to keep him in at all costs.

Marchione overcomes big money against her by pro-gay RINOS

It was the most expensive primary senate race in New York State. According to reports, McDonald and his supporting PACS raised $900,000, an enormous war chest, including donations from Republican homosexual marriage supporters such as billionaire NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and hedge fund manager Paul Singer. In contrast, Kathy Marchione was able to raise about $180,000.But in the end the big money didn't work. After the absentee ballots were finished being counted this week, Marchione edged McDonald out by over 100 votes for the Republican nomination. As we write this, she is considered the clear winner by the media, with no possibility of a recount being discussed.

Marchione also defeated Sen. McDonald in the Conservative Party primary, so her name will be on both ballots in the general election. McDonald's name will be on the Independence Party ballot. There is also a Democrat candidate in the race.

Flyers by both NOM and gay Republicans mailed out

A week before the primary, the National Organization for Marriage mailed a flyer to 12,000 enrolled Republicans in the district that attacked McDonald's same-sex marriage vote.

Flyers supporting McDonald were also mailed out by the pro-homosexual Unity PAC, a political action committee funded by former Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman, who is homosexual, and hedge fund owner Paul Singer, a Republican supporter of homosexual issues (and a major donor to Mitt Romney). .

Of the other three Republican State Senate turncoats two won their primaries (one just barely) and the third chose not to run.