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In the four "gay marriage vote" states: Gay lobby and pro-gay donors spending millions in final weeks of campaign.

But pro-marriage forces continue to fight hard.

POSTED: October 26, 2012

On Nov. 6, four states -- Maryland, Maine, Washington, and Minnesota -- will be voting on "gay marriage.' The fight is going down to the wire.

As expected, it's become a battle against big money even more than in past years. As the final weeks of the election season roll by, the national homosexual group Human Rights Campaign (lavishly funded by corporate America) has been pouring $4.4 million into these races.

And earlier this week New York City's billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he's writing checks totaling $500,000 for this effort.

And this is just the latest rush of cash. On July 27, the New York Times reported that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, announced he was donating $2.5 million to push "gay marriage" in Washington's upcoming referendum. The article also mentions that Microsoft executives Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have already kicked in $100,000 each. And the list of other corporations -- from Adobe Systems to Wells Fargo -- is staggering.

(This also shows the strategic importance of homosexual activists' efforts decades ago to insert non-discrimination clauses into corporate personnel policies. That mindset has taken over the top levels of corporate management.)

On our side, the National Organization for Marriage is spending approximately $2 million. And the Catholic Church, in states like Minnesota, is also raising several hundred thousand dollars. Many individual donors are helping out, as well.

But to our knowledge, Chick-fil-A has not contributed anything substantial to the pro-marriage effort this year, despite the huge outpouring of support from pro-marriage conservatives on the "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" back in August.

According to press reports, the most recent figures for the four states are (in millions of dollars):

"Gay marriage" $ 3.7 3.4 7.8 8.9
Traditional marriage $ 0.8 0.4 2.0 1.7

Pro-family forces fighting hard

The pro-family forces in each of the four states are fighting back in their own way. Each state's pro-family groups are struggling with funding, but are finding creative and effective ways to get the word out. In each state, MassResistance material is being used in the fight.

We've been very impressed with Preserve Marriage Washington, which seems to be leading the fight there. In particular, they have posted some campaign ads/videos on the marriage issue that are REALLY good. They are not afraid to "tell it like it is" regarding the effect of homosexuality on society. And they do it in a very well-crafted, compelling way. Several of their videos use material originally from MassResistance, including the David Parker issue. Some of the videos are produced by them, others are done by National Organization for Marriage or Family Research Council.

See the Preserve Marriage Washington list of videos HERE.

We're glad that Preserve Marriage Washington is being bold. We've been generally critical of pro-marriage groups that are afraid to discuss the central issue of the "gay marriage" fight -- homosexual behavior and the homosexual movement -- and instead fall back on peripheral or less effective issues such as "every child needs a mother and a father."

As a result of this and other activity in Washington, they are improving in the polls. As we write this, it is pretty much a statistical dead heat (after previously being pretty far behind). And this is after the huge cash inflow by the pro-gay executives listed above.

Maine update:

Just today, Protect Marriage Maine has released a state-wide TV commercial featuring David and Tonia Parker and their infamous case here in Massachusetts, which MassResistance first reported on starting back in 2005. This case was used by the Maine people in the previous marriage fight there in 2009, and we're pleased they're bringing it up again.

TV Ad: Protect Marriage Maine video of
David Parker case in Massachusetts

Minnesota update:

This week MassResistance did a long interview with the State House bureau reporter representing dozens of Minnesota newspapers across the state, including Minneapolis and St. Paul. The subject was "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts."

We'll keep you informed as election gets closer.