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Tisei: Turncoat Republican who stopped people's right to vote on "gay marriage" constitutional amendment in Mass. still being supported by RINOs and GOP establishment.

POSTED: Nov. 3, 2012

On election day voters in four states -- Washington, Minnesota, Maryland, and Maine -- will cast ballots on "gay marriage."

But no vote ever happened in Massachusetts, because it was blocked in the Legislature. And one politician -- Republican State Senator Richard Tisei -- was most responsible for getting the votes to stop it. And now that he's running for Congress, it continues to astound us that he is being supported by the very people whose right to vote he denied in 2007.

We have already done a huge expose' on Richard Tisei, candidate for Congress in the Massachusetts 6th District. His bold homosexual activism, his support for abortion, "gay marriage," transgender "rights," and the rest of his record is wide open for everyone to see, as is the enormous funding he is getting from the national GOP.

Tisei has bragged in a various homosexual publications and even on the radio that as state senate Minority Leader, he doggedly persuaded enough Republican lawmakers to oppose the people's right to vote on the marriage amendment, so that it ultimately failed. He says that was a "victory" for "civil rights."

One thing we admire about Richard Tisei; he is completely honest about his agenda. Here's his ad in the Boston Gay Pride Week program, while running for Lt. Governor in 2010.

You would think this would have some effect on those who worked so hard back in 2005 getting thousands of signatures for the chance to vote on it. Sadly, you'd be wrong. This is the year of the "Republicans at all costs" mantra. So we're hearing almost nothing about this from Massachusetts conservative groups, churches, activists, pro-family politicians, and others who should be speaking out on this. Not even a letter in the major newspapers.

Instead, we're all being lectured about being a "team player" and "keeping the Democrats from controlling Congress." Lesser of two evils, blah, blah, blah. And Tisei's wonderful Republican attributes are being repeated in a flood of expensive TV ads paid for by the national GOP and wealthy moderate Republican donors.

The Left would never act this way, you can bank on that. And every other politician -- both conservative and liberal -- is getting the message that our side isn't serious. This should be a lesson for those around the country.

We'll see what happens Tuesday -- and beyond.