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Pro-family guide to next Tuesday's US Senate primary election in Massachusetts

Is Sullivan a conservative we can trust?

POSTED: April 25, 2013

The upcoming US Senate primary in Massachusetts, for the seat recently vacated by John Kerry, is next Tuesday, April 30. This has attracted some attention from conservatives across the country.

Much of it centers on GOP Candidate Michael Sullivan, the former US Attorney. Is he a great pro-family conservative as we're being led to believe? What about the other candidates? In many ways, this race is a reflection of the direction of the national Republican Party. MassResistance has been following it closely for months.

We had started to write an in-depth article about this. But we decided to chuck it. It's all so disappointing.

So here's the Cliff Notes version (we're going to be blunt here):


Michael Sullivan. We have never seen a political candidate do so much publicly to alienate his base. He even outdoes Scott Brown in this regard. And he didn't waste much time. Immediately after he announced his candidacy, a coalition of pro-family conservatives, Tea Party people, and other anti-GOP-establishment renegades came out and worked tirelessly to help collect Sullivan's nomination signatures in record time. Then the first thing Sullivan did was bring in the campaign manager from RINO homosexual activist Richard Tisei's Congressional campaign, and Beth Myers, a pro-gay marriage GOP establishment operative, to run his campaign. And the local activist leaders who had helped him up to then were unceremoniously chased out.

That was just the beginning: Sullivan has repeatedly told the press he would vote to repeal DOMA. He told the Lowell Sun that he is "a very open-minded individual" regarding "gay marriage." He has said that when elected he would not be "divisive," but would "find common ground" with the Democrats in Congress. He told MassResistance that he would not vote to reject a pro-abortion judge for the US Supreme Court, if that person were otherwise qualified. On the Howie Carr show, he said he "condemns" the idea (voiced by an out-of-state supporter) that the homosexual movement is aggressively pushing for normalization of that behavior.

Brian Camenker of MassResistance (left) talks with Michael Sullivan, candidate for US Senate.

And on the campaign trail, Sullivan has avoided making any appearances at Tea Party events, Second Amendment rallies, or similar venues.

Sullivan's supporters describe him as conservative. But somehow, we're not very comfortable about his "conservatism."

Daniel Winslow. Winslow is currently a State Rep and was formerly Gov. Romney's Chief Legal Counsel. He is arguably the most anti-family Republican ever elected to the Massachusetts Legislature, and that's saying a lot. He is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and was the lone Republican supporter of the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes bill. On the day of the DOMA hearing in the US Supreme Court, Winslow spoke at a homosexual rally at Boston City Hall, giving a fiery speech condemning DOMA and comparing "gay rights" to Lincoln freeing the slaves!

While Winslow was Romney's chief legal counsel, he successfully worked behind the scenes to persuade Romney to impose the gay marriage SJC decision on Massachusetts, and designed much of the implementation of that. In gratitude, when he ran for State Rep, he was strongly endorsed by the state's major homosexual and transgender groups.

Pretty far gone. On March 26 while the US Supreme Court was hearing marriage arguments, Dan Winslow spoke at pro-homosexual rally in Boston, comparing "gay rights" to Lincoln freeing the slaves.
[Photo from video camera]

Winslow is also vocal about labeling pro-family organizations across America as "anti-gay hate groups" if they criticize homosexual behavior.

Not surprisingly, both the Boston Globe and Boston Herald have endorsed Winslow in the primary. Both newspapers supported him as a state rep candidate and basically agree with him on the social issues.

Gabriel Gomez. Another pro-gay marriage RINO. In 2008 he donated $500 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Earlier this year, told Gov. Deval Patrick that he supported Obama in 2008 and that he supports Obama's positions on immigration and gun control. He is a businessman living in Cohasset. In 2003 he ran unsuccessfully for Cohasset selectman. Currently, he has a big lead among the three Republicans in fundraising. Gomez is telling the media he's a "A New Kind of Republican." In other words, a Democrat.


Edward Markey. Currently the congressman from the Massachusetts 5th district, he has held that seat since 1976. He is as far-left on every issue as one could imagine, and is a passionate supporter of the homosexual movement. He is considered the front-runner in the Democratic primary, with a big fundraising lead.

Stephen Lynch. Lynch as been the congressman from the Massachusetts 8th district since 2001. He was previously a state senator and state rep from South Boston. Years ago (in the 1990s) Lynch was actually a pro-family conservative, and we worked with him from time to time. But since going to Congress he has gone way over to the dark side and supports the homosexual agenda and similar left-wing staples. He still claims to be "personally" pro-life but vows to protect Roe v Wade and says he would block any Supreme Court nominees who would overturn that. Interestingly, Lynch voted against ObamaCare, and continues to defend that vote.

What to do?

There are a lot of people who believe in voting for the lesser of two (or three) evils. We think that reasoning is flawed and just leads to an overall shift to the left. On Tuesday, we intend to go into the voting booth and hand in a blank ballot. We suggest you consider doing the same. It sends a good message.