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Special report: How government traps young men in the transgender subculture

How state and federal money is "empowering" troubled young men in dangerous lives as "transgenders"

From the public schools into the streets: Crime, prostitution, and AIDS

POSTED: July 24, 2013

This is one of the most troubling articles we've published. The public school programs that encourage children to experiment with cross-dressing and transgenderism are often just the beginning of a terrible journey that can lead to disease and even early death.

Teens at state-supported "Youth Pride" Day in Boston in 2009.
[Mass-Resistance photo]

We have reported how the radical "LGBT youth programs" in the public schools are encouraging troubled kids to begin dressing as the opposite sex and then take on a "transgender" identity. In Massachusetts, after the Transgender Rights Law was passed the Department of Education immediately began taking steps to force public schools to officially embrace and support such behavior by kids, letting them use opposite-sex locker rooms and restrooms and changing their names on official records. At the same time, they are imposing radical diversity training on others, and intend to punish students and faculty who voice any disapproval.

And here's a result. Two young men at 2013 "Youth Pride" Day in Boston.
Resistance photo.]

But what happens to these kids after they leave school? Unfortunately, this bizarre, unnatural "identity" causes many of these already troubled youth to become even more dysfunctional. Some quit school early. Many of them get involved with drugs and alcohol. A shocking number of them become almost completely disengaged with normal life. They leave home and wander the streets, falling in with other troubled people. (And some of the most troubled people are at the state-sanctioned youth "support groups" such as BAGLY).

Many of these "transgender" male youth, a high proportion of whom are black, find their way to "gay" oriented commune-like places run by equally dysfunctional adults, such as a male transsexual "house mother."

"House mother" at 2012 "LifeSkillz" ballroom competition. [Jenn Alton photo].

Identified as LifeSkills Project team member Athena Khan a.k.a. Mother Bulah (apparently a man).

Crime and prostitution

In addition to the need for food and shelter, these "transgender" youth are often trying to get money for sex-change treatments and surgical operations, cosmetic procedures, and women's clothing. They commonly resort to theft, shoplifting, identity theft, selling drugs, other petty crimes.

Sadly, more and more of these male youth who now "identify" as females begin supporting themselves by prostituting themselves to men who are willing to pay for that kind of "alternative" homosexual experience. This situation has been fairly well documented by transgender activist groups. Not surprisingly, the resulting rate of HIV/AIDS and suicidal behaviors is extremely high among these transgenders and transsexuals.

Young male “trans woman” Bambi, who works with BAGLY [photo from his Facebook].

NOTE: BAGLY is an official part of the state-funded Mass. Commission for LGBT Youth. It has been run for many years by a "male to female" transsexual.

Tax-supported "LGBT Youth" groups get involved -- with their own agenda

And what do the "LGBT Youth" organizations (supported by your state and federal tax dollars) do to deal with this tragic situation? They do the opposite of what normal common sense would suggest. These young men need real help and healing. But instead, these groups work to further enmesh them into a dangerous underground culture. Their aim is not to help these kids out of this destructive lifestyle, but to reinforce their "gay" or "transgender" identities as normal.

The adult activists say they want to "empower" them while they continue these behaviors -- so they can cope with the many harmful and often illegal aspects of their existence. In some cases, the adults will bring a few of them into more structured group houses. But from what we can see, the activities of these youths are dealt with in an irresponsibly non-judgmental manner.

Promoting "safer sex" instead of leaving the lifestyle

The inescapable problem surrounding these behaviors is the deadly danger of a range of diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS. This is what is most outrageous about the approach of all the homosexual and transgender activist groups. They don't try to get people to stop these horrible behaviors. Instead, they counsel them to use so-called "safer sex" methods, meaning condom use (along with giving them packets of anal lubrication). Hand in hand with that is a constant call to get tested for HIV/AIDS. Virtually every "gay" youth event we've seen also includes some opportunity to get tested. It's pretty eerie, actually. If a person tests positive for HIV/AIDS, at that point it's too late. (The new anti-retroviral drugs do not eliminate the virus, have serious side effects, and involve a demanding and expensive daily regimen that many fail to adhere to, according to the CDC.)

Keeping kids safe? Condoms and anal lubricant given out by Boston GLASS at Mass. LGBT Youth Pride 2013.

Not only is this an extremely short-sighted approach to a life-threatening situation, but to our knowledge none of these groups work with the parents of minor children involved with these behaviors. And this unorthodox (and in our opinion unethical) approach to public health is not limited to the fringe homosexual groups, but includes "respectable" community agencies, such as Fenway Health Center, Children's Hospital, and the Sydney Borum Clinic, all of which have similar policies regarding minor children (i.e., anonymous, confidential AIDS and STD testing for teens 13 and older).

Card handed out at Mass. Youth Pride 2013. Boston Children's Hospital offers “free and confidential safer sex education and resources” for ages 13 and up. A Children's Hospital representative told MassResistance that they do NOT involve the parents of minor children. They also run an extremely controversial “gender clinic” for children

Moreover, the clinics deal with HIV/AIDS. They do not seem to be interested in the myriad other medical problems and the mental health issues associated with these behaviors. And they are not concerned with the dangerous long-term effects on young people taking opposite-sex hormones or seeking life-changing surgery to "become" the opposite sex.

The "ball culture" or "ballroom scene"

In recent years, one major way that these homosexual and transgender groups attract and engage troubled youth has been through so-called "ballroom" or "ball culture" events.

They are sort of a mix of a fashion show and a free-for-all solo dance contest. There are various categories of prizes given out at these events -- for costume, hair, etc. -- and particularly exotic dancing (posing as the opposite sex) which is done on a runway in the middle of the crowd. The ballroom scene has become particularly popular in the "trans" community. The transgender or cross-dressing youth come in and "do their thing" as wildly or precisely as they wish. Some of the "dancing" seems to be more like acting out their feelings. It also seems to be a way for cross-dressing boys to publicly appear more feminine and alluring (and vice versa for the females who participate).

ABOVE: Card handed out at Mass. LGBT Youth Pride 2013 advertising
the monthly "ballroom" event run by BAGLY and TransCEND (a support group for adult male-to-female transgenders, many of whom the website has said are involved with "sex work"). Shockingly, TransCEND had a booth at the 2011 Mass. Youth Pride event. (See video at 1 min. 20 secs.)

BELOW: Support for prostitution. TransCEND's website showing its support for transgender prostitution for men ("sisters"). This page was recently removed, apparently because of its controversial content.

The kids are made to feel a sense of "belonging" in this subculture and to believe that their behaviors and lifestyles are not abnormal or destructive but perfectly natural and even "cool."

VIDEO: Watch the ballroom scene for yourself. Featuring young man “Niecy” (in black leotard) dancing at GLASS event in 2012.


In Massachusetts, these "ballroom" events are regularly put on by Boston Area Gay Lesbian and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) and Boston Gay & Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS; part of the Justice Resource Institute) and others, all of which appear to get direct or indirect public funding. (These groups have affiliations with more radical groups, such as Transcend and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, both of which have in the past openly promoted homosexual prostitution at their events or on their websites.)

The federally funded "LifeSkills" project: more trans youth madness

Not surprisingly, this madness is also being pushed with federal funding.

At both the 2012 and 2013 Boston Youth Pride events, one group called "LifeSkills" was giving out flyers seeking "transgender women" - i.e., males dressing up as females. It was for a federally funded project by the National Institutes of Health (NIH; part of the US Dept of Health & Human Services).

Handing out LifeSkills literature 2012 LGBT Youth Pride in Boston. Male-to-female transgender on left is the "study coordinator" for the LifeSkills program.
[MassResistance photo]

Some of the LifeSkills literature on the table being passed out.

LifeSkills, in our opinion, encapsulates the worst attitudes of the radical homosexual and transgender activists toward young people.

LifeSkills is a program for teaching and monitoring "safer sex" behaviors of cross-dressing male youth who are out in the streets involved with dangerous behaviors, including prostitution (which they term "transactional sex work"). The LifeSkills staff is made up of transgenders, and works through the Fenway Community Health Center in Boston. They are also coordinating with Boston Children's Hospital, the Sydney Borum Clinic, and the "activist clinic" Justice Resource Center (and its subsidiary, Boston GLASS).

In addition to recruiting transgender male youth for their AIDS testing program, LifeSkills also steers kids to the frequent "ballroom scene" events held by Boston GLASS and BAGLY.

"Empowerment" while "reducing the risk" of disease and death

LifeSkills is focused specifically on cross-dressing boys and young men sexually acting out as females, which they describe using the bizarre term "trans women." Like the state-funded approach, their mindset involves "empowering" these very troubled young people to continue their behaviors in a way that might "reduce the risk" of the life-threatening diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS.

They use "gay youth" events (Mass. Youth Pride, BAGLY prom, etc.) and other venues where transgender male youth would gather to attract them to their LifeSkills program.

ABOVE: LiveSkills recruitment flyer targeting young male cross-dressers handed out at Youth Pride in 2013.

BELOW: LifeSkills recruitment card handed out at Youth Pride 2012 by Fenway Health.

In their own words: The LifeSkills approach and philosophy is described on its website:

(A) Empowerment in their transgender identities. The program is meant to "empower" these male youth by reducing (not eliminating!) the risk of AIDS:

The 6 session LifeSkills program aims to empower young trans women by helping us to gain more knowledge about HIV and build the life skills needed to reduce HIV risk behavior and stop the spread of the virus. The program is led by trans women in Boston and Chicago and also includes HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and counseling and assessment visits 4 times over a year-long period.

(B) Attempt to "reduce risk" of deadly HIV/AIDS. They say that this project is important because the "HIV prevention needs" of these boys dressed as females having sex with men are "different from" those of men having sex with men, and these boys must be "empowered." (Transgender male prostitutes are known to engage in riskier male homosexual acts than many "gay" men are willing to - e.g., anal receptive sex without condoms - according to GLBT websites.)

Trans-specific HIV prevention programs are struggling to catch up to other HIV prevention interventions. There is a need for comprehensive trans-specific HIV prevention programs that are evidence-based (i.e., have been shown to work) and that meet our unique circumstances as young trans women.

. . . We are trying to distinguish our communities and incorporate the unique factors we face and experience relating to HIV risk, and which make our HIV prevention needs different from, for example, those of men who have sex with men. We also want to build upon our strengths and avoid a deficits-based approach. It is time to be empowered.

It is not specifically explained what is meant by the "unique circumstances" that transgenders face. But LifeSkills acknowledges that "sex work" is a major issue within the "transgender women's" community.

(C) Cope with (not abandon) their destructive situation. But given the dangerous lifestyle these "trans women" lead, LifeSkills' most important goal is NOT lifting these tragic young men out of this false, destructive "identity" and this horrible existence. Instead, their priorities are transgenders feeling "empowered" in their "transgender" identities while trying to mitigate the medical risks of disease. They do counsel them about working through their problems of housing, prostitution, drug use, etc., but it's a lower priority and they avoid the overall bigger picture: leaving that lifestyle altogether.

The LifeSkills curriculum contains specific content regarding the context in which HIV risk takes place for many of us, including securing safe housing and employment, and directly addresses the economic allure of transactional sex work, all of which are day-to-day realities for many of our young trans women and which complicate comprehensive HIV prevention efforts.

For example, we know that transactional sex work may help solve more immediate problems in our lives, such as securing food and housing, paying for gender transitioning, and earning extra income that may help our families. Similarly, substance and alcohol use may help us to cope with depression and discrimination, yet both sex work and substance use can place us at risk for HIV or other STIs. We need to talk about it. Know our risk boundaries and limits. Care for ourselves, protect ourselves, and empower ourselves.

Empowerment includes feeling part of a sisterhood of trans women, from many generations, standing in solidarity together, celebrating our beauty and diversity, and knowing that we are worth saving.

Note that they're intent on getting these young men to see themselves as part of "a sisterhood of trans women." This gets to the heart of the transgender agenda regarding the youth of America.

Provocative handout at 2013 LGBT Youth Pride recruiting cross-dressing young men for LifeSkills project.

Their war on our nation's young people -and what we must do

The transgender agenda in the public schools is only the beginning of the horror that these troubled youth face, supported by the radicals in government using your tax money.

It is not hyperbole to say that the homosexual/transgender movement is exploiting vulnerable and often helpless youth who get trapped in these terrible behaviors for their own selfish political and cultural purposes. It's not about saving kids from misery and death. The concept of "empowering them" to attempt to "reduce the risk" of life-threatening diseases is really about propping up a corrupt and depraved national movement.

How is this happening? A huge problem is public officials, particularly our elected legislators, both in Congress and at the state level. In Massachusetts (and other states) the elected officials are willing to give enormous public funding to the homosexual movement. But they refuse to question where the money goes, or challenge them in any way. Much of it is cowardice, and some is sheer malevolence. Congress is not much better in that regard.

Your children are at stake. We need to confront our public officials up and down the line on this issue. If you are willing to do that, contact us. This cannot wait. (There will be more on that in upcoming articles.)

As we've been saying all along, the transgender rights agenda is not just a "bathroom bill." If we concede to that, we've lost. It's about a much larger and insidious movement, rooted in an insane and evil concept of humanity, that must be confronted head-on and stopped.

[NOTE: Further documentation and photos can be found in the expanded report by MassResistance researcher Amy Contrada.]